I’m Steffany, a Graphic designer from Lancashire, UK. I specialise in personal branding and websites for creatives and small businesses.

Graphic design and photography have been a passion of my for almost twenty years. I use that experience to create bespoke brands and beautiful websites. Get in touch for my rates.

You can also keep up with my thoughts and musings on my blog. A place where I share my adventures, ideas and work.


Here I love to write about anything and everything that takes my fancy.

How To Take Your Photography Hobby To The Next Level

Photography is a wonderful hobby. It gives you the opportunity to see the world in different ways, express yourself, and make use of your creativity. Taking photographs enables you to capture moments and recall memories. For many of us, photography involves snapping...

Flexible Jobs For Creatives You May Not Have Considered

One of the biggest boons, or downfalls, depending on your personality, for creative people, is that the job market can be somewhat flexible. This can suit some people very well, as its allow them to the room they need to breathe, grow and be inspired. For others...

The Art Of Self-Promotion For Creative Freelancers

Being a creative freelancer can be both exhilarating and terrifying. It’s exhilarating because of the fact that you get to work on your own projects, interact with customers directly and make a name for yourself in an industry. But it’s also a terrifying experience,...



If you’d like to ask me a graphic design or photography related question, have an idea for a blog post, would like to work with me (I love collaborating and planning photoshoots) or just discuss how much you also love Gilmore Girls (Luke & Lorelei FOREVER!!!) … why not drop me a line using the form. I always do my best to respond quickly.

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