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I’m Steffany, a Graphic designer from Lancashire, UK. I specialise in personal branding and websites for creatives and small businesses.

Graphic design and photography have been a passion of my for almost twenty years. I use that experience to create bespoke brands and beautiful websites. Get in touch for my rates.

You can also keep up with my thoughts and musings on my blog. A place where I share my adventures, ideas and work.

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Head over to steffanycollette.com to view my graphic design services and portfolio.

steffanycollette.com is currently having a bit of a makeover and I’m working on some fresh new branding and packages. If you’d like to know more about my current prices and packages, either use the form below or drop me an email at steff@ohsosteffany.com

The Blog

Here I love to write about anything and everything that takes my fancy.

Say Cheese! 3 Ways To Build Your Photography Business

As a photographer, I’ve learned a lot about building a business during the past few years. With that in mind, I wanted to offer some tips and advice for other budding photo snappers out there. Regardless of your position at the moment, you can use the information on...

Snap Happy: How Professional Photography Could Aid Your Career

Are you a career-driven person? Are you always looking for the next step on the ladder? Then you might like to consider the idea of paying for some professional photographs. There are lots of ways in which those items could assist you in reaching the next level....

When The Personal Affects The Professional

We all have two very different parts of our lives: the personal and the professional. Our personal life is what happens to us in our own homes and is closely linked to our health and family. And then there is our professional life that is solely based on work. Of...

How To Give Your Blog A Makeover

Being an avid writer, a creator of posts and a storyteller comes with a territory. Having an idea for a blog is different to sitting down and writing one, so they take careful planning. Carving out your own corner of the internet complete with followers is an...

Using the Internet to Prepare Yourself for a Career

The internet has become a powerful tool for people all over the world who are looking to make a change to their lifestyle. Preparing for a career is a daunting task. Not only does it require you to plan extensively and cover all of your bases, but it also requires you...

Great Leaders Have These Three Things In Common

Business is a complex and fickle game. Although you may think at first that there is a set recipe for success, you will soon find out that every business is different - and what works for one may not necessarily work for another. If you have been following a rigid...


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If you’d like to ask me a graphic design or photography related question, have an idea for a blog post, would like to work with me (I love collaborating and planning photoshoots) or just discuss how much you also love the Harry Potter books (Ravenclaw!!!)  … why not drop me a line using the form. I always do my best to respond quickly.