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I love living so close to Blackpool. Some people call it “The Vegas of the North”. While, my whole life I’ve visted a few times a year, one aspect of Blackpool I’d never really taken advantage of was it’s shows and entertainment. It’s famous for it’s cabaret, tributes and comedy so it was time I checked some of it out.

Viva Blackpool got in touch and asked if I wanted to see one of their shows that are on at the moment and I jumped at the chance, but found it a little difficult to choose since there are so many amazing shows coming up. I opted to see the Jersey Beats as I’m a pretty big fan of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. We decided to make an evening of it too with Fathers Day fast approaching, it made a great excuse to get together with the inlaws for a night out in Blackpool

We started the night off in the Viva Vegas Bar & Grill. As we entered we were greeted by the friendliest waitress I’d ever met dressed as a cheerleader. We ordered some cocktails and listened to the in house singer while we enjoyed our food. The burgers were the best. I’ve had some good burgers in my time and these were up there with some of the nicest I’ve ever had.

Earlier that day, Viva Blackpool had called us to see if we were excited about the show and would like any drinks pre-ordering so they’d be ready and on our table when we arrived. VIP treatment or what? 

When we got to the venue (which was just upstairs from the Bar & Grill so not far at all to travel) we were shown upstairs and greeted by a showgirl and a photographer ready to take our pictures. After that we were shown to our tables by the friendly host and enjoyed our drinks while we waited for the show to start.

After a few minutes the room went dark and the music began. The showgirls came onstage dancing to “Oh what a nite” which lead to the Jersey Beats joining them and going through the story of how the Four Seasons came to be, introducing each member and singing some of their biggest hits.

For a tribute band, they were spot on at getting their sound right. They sounded exactly like them. The show was so much fun and everyone in the room was singing along and enjoying themselves.

In between some of the songs, host, Leye D Johns came on to add a bit of comedy and he was hilarious. Everyone was in stitches and he had the audience joining in with everything.

The show was amazing and I really hope to go see it again because it was such a fun night out. The Jersey Beats are currently showing on Tuesdays and Sundays throughout the summer with other acts playing other nights. You can check out their events HERE

There really is something for everyone too, with music from Grease and Dirty Dancing (two of my all-time favourite movies) there’s definitely something you’ll have heard before and be able to sing along to.

I’d definitely recommend you check it out. I might even see you there.

*This is a sponsored post from Viva Blackpool who very very kindly gifted us tickets for the Jersey Beats show. All opinions on this post are my own… it REALLY was that good.

**Some images included in this post are taken by myself and some have been taken from the Viva Blackpool website.