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I haven’t been blogging a lot lately, so when I was asked to attend the Peter Jackson Jewellers blogger event at their flagship store in Preston a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t say no. My good friend Jill, has recently started blogging too so when I found out about it we got her on the guest list and were super excited to attend the event. She brought her daughter along as her plus one and the three of us had an amazing night.

If you’re not familiar with Peter Jackson the Jewellers, they currently have four branches located in Bury, Blackburn, Carlisle and Preston. They were established way back in 1982 as an independent family run business and are still going strong more than 30 years later. They’ve been my go-to jewellers for as long as I can remember so it was amazing to go behind the scenes and meet Peter Jackson himself and see their amazing collection.

When we arrived we were made to feel like true VIP’s. Peter Jackson himself was there to greet us with a glass of champagne and a smile. We were ushered inside where we were handed some goodie bags and name badges to help us get to know everyone. While we waited for everyone to arrive and get started we had a look around, drooled over the Gucci and Thomas Sabo collections and chatted with everyone. 

There were gorgeous nibbles and canapés laid on by Bite Club UK whom I’ll definitely be checking out in the near future for their Secret Suppers.

Once things got going, we headed over to play a game of guess the gem. We had to match names with various gems and precious stones. I thought I knew my stuff when it came to this sort of thing but there were gems I’d never heard of, each really beautiful in their own way. We did well though. Next up was to guess the value of some rings in a cabinet made out of these gemstones. I guessed about £80,000 which was the closest… at the actual value coming in at around £79,000. I was amazing and I won a gorgeous pair of earrings for winning that. It was my lucky night. 

There was a make up station there too. Sadly, Jill and I didn’t really get the chance to check that out because there was so much to do while we were there. My champagne glass was constantly being refilled and the food was amazing. We were treated like royalty. By the end of the night I was actually a little tipsy. 

Our next stop was to check out the mining station. We were given a little talk about diamonds and where they came from. How they were sourced and the different weights. We even got to play around with some ground up Kimberlite, which is the igneous rock that contains diamonds. We had to see if we could find any in the gravel… and I did. Told you it was my lucky night! I won another pair of earrings which I gave to Jill as a thank you for coming with me. 

Next up we went to check out the engraving station. We’d been gifted a gorgeous Thomas Sabo bracelet and charm in our goodie bags, and we could have something engraved on our charms to make them even more special. I chose to have my initials on one side and my astrological symbol for Scorpio on the other side. It was gorgeous. We even had a long chat with the ladies manning the station about how special gifting jewellery was. A lot becomes family heirlooms so when choosing something special for someone, it’s always nice that it means something. 

There was also a cleaning station, which very kindly, made my favourite Michael Kors watch sparkle again and even put a new battery in Jill’s watch. How nice? We had a look through the Thomas Sabo collection and I’m in love. I certainly know what will be going on my Christmas wish list! 

I still can’t get over how spoiled we were. It was by far the best bloggers event I’ve ever been to. The staff were so nice and can’t thank them and the girls from Every1 Marketing enough for putting on such a great night. I love my bracelet and plan to collect lots of Thomas Sabo charms for it, and I’ll definitely be dropping into Peter Jackson Jewellers again!

They’ve very kindly given me a discount code for my readers too. So, if you’d like to get an amazing 15% off in time for Christmas, go to and enter SOSTEFF18 at the checkout!

Thank you to the super talented Jenny Higgins Photography for recording our memories of the night too.