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If you spend most of your days watching the clock go by, you may assume that it’s impossible to find a job you love. The truth is that everyone has stressful, dull or trying days at work. However, this shouldn’t be the norm. With the average American spending 37 hours per week at work, it’s so beneficial to try and choose a career that will interest and inspire you. If you’re stuck in a rut, or you dread every day in work, here are some suggestions to help you use your passions to shape your career.

Taking the plunge

If you hate your job and you long for the time you can clock off, it’s time to make some changes. You don’t need to hand in your resignation straight away, but there’s no harm in looking for other jobs or thinking about options such as starting your own business or going freelance. Think about what you would like to do if you could do any job in the world. This may be an impossible dream, but it will give you some ideas. If you’re proactive, you can start taking steps in the right direction. All too often, we get stuck in jobs we don’t really enjoy and before we know it, years have passed, and we’re still in exactly the same spot doing the same thing day in, day out.

Channeling your interests

If you’re determined to hunt for a new job, use your interests and passions as a basis for your search. We spend far too long at work to do something that doesn’t interest us. If you’re already doing what you love, but you don’t get on well with your colleagues, the hours are too long, or you haven’t had a pay rise in years, why not consider going it alone or looking for openings at a different firm? Alternatively, you could change tack completely. Perhaps you’re a creative person and you want to use your talents to benefit others or you have a passion for fashion, beauty or travel and you want to turn this into a career. If you do want to take this step, what’s holding you back from training to create the latest hairstyles and fit tape in hair extensions or provide facials or professional wedding makeup? Why can’t you start showcasing your artistic masterpieces on Instagram or Facebook or find out more about starting a travel blog? Once you’ve got some ideas, do some research and find out what you need to do to make forging a career a viable option.

Setting goals

Finding a job you love isn’t always as simple as firing off an application and excelling in an interview. You may have to take a course, study online, gain experience or forge your own way by setting up a new business. Whatever your ambitions, setting goals is a great way to get there and ensure you’re moving in the right direction. Take things step by step, and be prepared to work hard. If you reach that target, all the hard work will be worthwhile.

Are you bored of your job or do you wish you could say that you had a job you loved? If it’s time for a change, channel your interests and passions to help you find the job of your dreams. Good luck!