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Are you one of the many, many people who feels like they are stuck in a soul destroying job right now? Being stuck in a job like this is never a nice feeling. You can easily get depressed and develop mental health issues. It can be a struggle to get out of bed each day. The truth is, the job you’re in simply doesn’t meet your needs. You need to make sure that the job you do every day matches up with your needs and interests so you feel happy and fulfilled. This is making it big.

The term ‘making it big’ doesn’t mean having a ton of money (although finding a job you love might just come along with that). Making it big means being truly happy. When you’re truly happy, you’ll have more than many celebrities and rich people out there. So, how can you lose that job and make it big? Read on to find out.

Do Some Soul Searching

It’s time to do some soul searching, friend. What is it you don’t like about your current job? If you spend a huge portion of your time working sat down each day, maybe you’d prefer a job that means you have to be on your feet. If you’re staring at a computer screen, perhaps you’d prefer to be in the great outdoors, or interacting with real people. Write down everything you don’t like about your job.

Not only do you need to think about the above, you also need to think about your needs. We all need to feel secure, valued, and satisfied in our jobs. How can you make sure your next job meets those needs? You may feel more satisfied in a job where you’re working face to face with people. It’s different for everybody!

Figure Out What It Is You Really Want To Do

Now you can figure out what it is you really want to do. Most people will tell you that they don’t know what they want to do, and that this is the reason they haven’t changed careers yet. The truth is though, deep down, they probably do have a very good idea. They just feel like people might laugh, or that they won’t be good enough, or something along those lines. Think about the person you want to be and the job that will come with that. You can look at job listings on sites like Alexander Daniels to get an idea of what certain roles entail and how you might fit in.

Do Your Research

Do your research on paths you may have to take to get to your chosen career. Maybe make a list of 3-5 potential careers to narrow down the list, and go into a lot of research on how you’d get your food in the door. Write it all down. You can then select a path that appeals to you most.

Come Up With A Strategy

Without a good strategy, your plans are likely to fail. Once you know what you want to do, you need to make sure you have a strategy. Will you go back into full time education, or do a part time learning course?

Take A Leap Of Faith

Just do something towards your new career goal. Anything. Taking small steps each day is the key to making big changes.


Good luck!