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Have you ever sat in a car and looked at the scenery as you drive past?  The view of the sunset in the side mirror, a couple of smoking chimneys on the horizon.  When we are no longer the driver it is amazing what we can see even on our usual commute.

These images would make perfect shots for your personal photography portfolio.

Being a passenger gives you time to notice the unique changes in our environments.  When we aren’t focussed on our immediate surroundings and we are forced to sit back and relax, we start to allow our minds to wander.  It is in this meandering of our thoughts that we start to associate emotion with the environment.  Perhaps we see something in the sky, a stunning formation of cloud, which makes us realise how small we are and how big the planet is.

A well taken shot of the view in a car mirror can look visually striking.  If you can capture the colour of the sunset or the reflection of another vehicle behind.  If you are a keen photographer then it is important you take your camera with you whenever you know you are going to be sitting and travelling.  The passenger taking on a journey that they are sharing with the world.

Truly great photographers can use this to turn a seemingly normal trip into a truly symbolic journey.  Relating the images to a particular emotion such as travelling by train to visit your elderly parents, or heading home for Christmas.  Perhaps even the journey for the funeral of an old friend.  Use your thoughts and emotions to pick out subtleties that may not be seen by someone who is making a general commute but that stand out to you because of your relaxed and emotional state.

A passenger is someone who is making a journey which is, of course, symbolic to the journey we are all making through life.  Perhaps consider collating these images and presenting them as an exhibition.  A Passenger Through Life.  Take advantage of snapfish coupon codes and bring your images to life in print.  Then share them with the world.  If you can make a story from something as simple as being a passenger then you have mastered your art.

Taking photos from the window of your car is a fabulous way of giving the driver on a holiday roadtrip, a way of sharing in the journey as you have experienced it.  They will miss out on almost everything you are seeing and that is pretty sad! A lot of the best views we get are the ones we see whilst travelling.  So get clicking and then print out a fabulous collection of memories you can both share forever.

As a photographer it is often the most simple moments that lead to our best work.  Whilst you can use your camera phone to snap beautiful shots that you don’t want to miss, you may not get the same chance to come back with your camera.  So think about investing in a good quality DSLR that is compact and light enough to carry with you every time you are going to be a passenger