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When applying for jobs, one of the most common questions you should be asking yourself is “am I really a good fit?”. Far too many people look for just a job. In other words, they only care about the paycheque and not so much the sustainability. If a job offers flexible hours and allows you to work up to 12 hours per day for extra work, then that sounds amazing for someone who is out of luck and needs to pay off their debts. However, this poses the question: is it sustainable?

Let’s face it, very few of us can successfully work 12 hours for an entire week and still remain sane. However, if that job is something you absolutely adore, then it could be possible.

Plan your recruitment from start to finish

If you’re incredibly passionate about a job but think that you are slightly under qualified, then have no fear! First of all, make sure you’re using a service like if you want to impress the company you’re applying for before you even get a chance for an interview. CV writing isn’t difficult, but it’s best that you get some assistance because it’s one of the biggest factors that will determine if you even get past the initial screening phase.

One of the major things that recruiters look for nowadays is passion and a will to find a career, not just a single job. Show interest in the job you are applying for and do your research on the company. Use your common sense when you are applying as well. For instance, if you are applying for a job in which you make many public appearances, then make sure you’re hiding tattoos and you have a fantastic suit to impress your interviewers.

Another great way to show interest in a career is to talk about your future at their company when asked. Don’t say something like you plan to move onto another company, show enthusiasm at your interview and be optimistic about your future at the company you are applying for. Recruiters want to know they are investing their company’s money into someone who is worth the time and shows potential, not someone who’s in it just for the money.

Love the job you apply for

Just take a look at if you want some inspiration. Loving your job is going to be very important to sustaining yourself and enforcing job security. Don’t assume that you’ll stay at a company just because you do a decent job and because it pays well. In your employer’s eyes, you’re probably doing sufficient work and they will keep you on board. The problem doesn’t lie with them, it’s you!

If you’re repeating the same tasks over and over and you hate it, then you’re going to want to quit your job and leave before your employer even thinks about firing you. To them, you’re part of their workforce and as long as you meet your quota and complete your tasks, they’ll keep you. You will instinctively try to match whatever needs they have and force yourself to do a job you hate. Is that really a future you want to live? Absolutely not! Pick a job that you absolutely love even if it pays a little less. You’re going to be doing your job for a long time, so make sure it counts.