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Are you sure that you’re not openly inviting burglars into your home? Sometimes, you may be unwittingly making it all too easy for intruders to enter your home. However, it is also possible to totally deter burglars with some additions to your house. All of the following are excellent deterrents that are known to put off potential thieves from entering properties.

A Dog

You’ll have no doubt seen how effective guard dogs are in the movies. Well, did you know that this is completely true in real life as well? If a burglar knows that there is a dog on the property, then there isn’t much chance they will risk entering the home. Otherwise, the dog could start barking and attract attention to the property. If you are home, you will be alerted to the fact that someone is in your home. If you are out, hopefully, one of your neighbors will hear the dog barking. Many people think that large dogs make the best guide dogs as they look quite scary. Actually, it is usually smaller breeds that are the best guards. That’s because they will continually yap and make a lot of noise!

Security Systems

It is a good idea to equip your property with a security system. This could be a burglar alarm system or CCTV cameras. Both of these will need to be fitted onto the exterior of your home. As soon as a burglar notices the equipment, there is no chance they will risk entering your home. Otherwise, they will be caught on CCTV or will set off a very loud alarm! There are a number of different security systems you may consider, such as Livewatch or Frontpoint. Whichever you choose will depend on your property and your family’s needs. Can’t afford one of these modern systems? You can always go with a fake CCTV camera for your property. It may not work, but burglars won’t be able to tell that once they spot it!


When burglars are looking for a property to enter, they will be trying to tell which is definitely empty. And a home that has no lights on is certainly going to an empty house. So whenever you leave for the day, make sure that you remember to leave a light on. It should be one on the ground-floor as these are the most noticeable. Ideally, leave your hall light on so that this is visible from the street. It is also a good idea to get a porch light installed onto the front of your property. It will light up as soon as someone approaches the house. This should alert neighbours, especially if they know that you are not home.

Warning Stickers

Some studies show that burglars are extremely unlikely to try and enter a home if they notice warning stickers in the windows. The sign can say anything from ‘beware of the dog’ to ‘CCTV system fitted on the property’. If the sign indicates that there is some form of security or deterrent in place, then burglars will be very nervous about entering the property. Experienced burglars won’t be totally put off if they see these signs, though. That’s because they know that some houses simply stick the stickers up as a deterrent. But if you have any evidence that there is some truth in what the sticker says, then there is no way a thief will try your house!

Letterbox Cage

Another way a burglar can tell if no one is home is by looking for a pile of letters or newspapers. If you can’t get a friend or neighbour to collect your letters while you are away, you will need to think of a different solution. And the best alternative is to buy a letter cage. This letter cage is attached to the inside of your letter box to catch your mail. This amazing piece of equipment also prevents burglars from sticking a long wire through your letterbox to try and hook any keys that are hung up nearby! You can always keep this cage on even when you are home. After all, it will prevent the dog getting to the letters and chewing them all up!

Unfortunately, burglars and intruders are things that all homeowners will need to consider all the time. If you don’t put int he right deterrents or preventative measures, then there is a very high chance that your home will be burgled at some point. Follow all the above tips, and you shouldn’t have to worry too much!