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This article is going to be all about your health, the good the bad and the ugly. When it comes to our health, we’re either two types of people. We go through stages where we believe our body should be a temple, and we’re the master of it. Salad leaves and water are shovelled down, until finally our minor addiction to sugar and salt kicks in, and suddenly we’re surrounded by wrappers and shame. Or we’re the other type, the type that just can’t be bothered. We do what we want, eat what we want, and generally give our bodies a hard time. But the one important error that we all make, is thinking that health is all about diet and getting off the sofa. There’s so much more to it that definitely comes into the category of not nice, that we either don’t like to talk about, or chose to ignore until it becomes a little bit much to deal with. So, we’re going to try and open your mind to the sides of your health that you might not like to think about, and the good sides of your health that you need to put more effort into. So keep on reading, and let’s see if we can get you thinking!

Don’t Be Ashamed!

So we’re going to start with the not nice side of health. This is the one that people seem to shy away from all of the time, simply because they’re either worried about what the outcome might be, worried about what people might think, or just far too embarrassed to deal with. It’s no secret that our bodies can deal us a few dodgy cards over the years, but the sooner you deal with them and address it, the sooner you can get back to being in love with your body. So one area that we all feel a little embarrassed about, is our sexual health. Sexual health is something that you might think doesn’t apply to you now that you’re getting older, but it can strike at any time, especially if you’re single and sexually active, like a lot of older women are. But the worst thing is, that sometimes only subtle signs are showing that something might be out of balance, and those are the ones we chose to ignore and hope that they go away. It could be anything from genitle herpes to the most common chlamydia. We’re going through an epidemic with sexually transmitted diseases, so don’t feel alone or ashamed. What you should do, is check out the information here, and see if you can relate to any of the signs and symptoms, and find out more information as to how to deal with the problem. There are plenty of clinics you can visit where they have seen all sorts of weird and wonderful problems, so don’t be afraid to visit!

Boost Your Body

Now onto all things nice, which you definitely want to focus on a little bit more. Our bodies need a little boost from time to time, especially since it’s coming to the winter time. Tis the season to be full of cold and sadness, but if you start prepping your body now, the blow might not be as bad as last year. So you need to think about boosting your immune system, and one of the ways that you can do that is to start exercising. Just simply getting out and getting in the fresh air for a walk is all that you need to do.  It builds your body’s natural defences, keeps your body functioning as it should be, and helps to keep you fit. You should also think about getting a juicing machine, and starting your day with some homemade juices. All you have to do is Google juicing recipes that will boost your immune system, and start the day with a nice glass!

The Downright Scary

Now for the one that we definitely like to ignore, simply out of fear. This one is usually lumps and bumps related, because half of the time our mind jumps to the dreaded cancer. When in fact, a lot of the time these unknown lumps are cysts and swollen glands, which still need to be checked out by the doctor in case they’re infected. The sooner you get seen, the sooner you get diagnosed. If it is something a little more sinister, you definitely want to make sure that you’re getting it seen sooner rather than later, but 90% of the time it’s nothing serious at all!