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When things just aren’t going right, it’s only natural to feel a little disheartened. Many of us have a very clear idea of what we want life to be like from a very young age. While it is good to have a plan and to be organised, this can also be detrimental too. Life rarely goes the way we think it will – there are all sorts of curve balls it will throw at us and there are barely any we can control. But for many of us, finding ourselves in a situation we did not expect can be terrifying, and it’s something a lot of people struggle to cope with. For example, if you thought you’d be married with kids at 25 but still haven’t been on a proper date, it’s very easy to give up and feel as though you have ‘failed’ at life. Or maybe your career isn’t at where you thought it would be by now. Whatever you personal scenario is, it can be hard to keep pushing through when you feel miserable. But here are some things you can do to pep yourself up and to help you get your life back on the right track.


Avoid social media

Social media is one of the most amazing things about the 21st century, and it has a great way of bringing people together from all over the world. However, it can also be the creative person’s worst enemy. It’s great to follow people on Twitter or Instagram who you find inspiring. But there is a fine line between admiring someone and comparing yourself to them. Remember that everyone on social media has a different story –  that girl with her own business empire who is three years your junior might actually have a rich parent who is funding it all behind the scenes. Use social media by all means, but don’t use it to compare yourself to others.

Try something new 

If you have been feeling stagnant for a while, it could be time to shake up your life with a brand new hobby. Who knows, it could even be something that ends up being your full time career! Life is way too short for regrets, so if you’ve always wanted to learn how to speak Italian, sign yourself up for some night classes. Or, consider taking some beginners Photography Courses to hone your creative skills behind the lens.

Take a break 

Even if you are in a job you love, sometimes we fall out of love with our careers. This usually happens when we get too caught up in it all, and stress takes over, stopping us from enjoying the things we used to enjoy. If this happens to you it can be really upsetting, and it’s always worth trying to fall back in love with your job again. Taking a break from it for a while can do you the world of good, and can mean you return to work feeling passionate and invigorated about what you do.