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Everyone should have one job that they dream of getting at some point in their life. It’s important to have a dream job as it gives you something to aim for and a path for your career to follow. Some people are fortunate enough to walk into their dream job from the moment they start working.

Then again, a lot of people aren’t.

So many people are grinding away each and every day in a job they hate. They have aspirations of leaving and following their dream career path, but they just can’t seem to do it. Perhaps they’ve had a few interviews but failed to land their dream job? Or, they’ve applied and not even been considered for an interview. Regardless, something is holding them back from achieving their dreams.

In reality, many things could be holding you back from your dream job. If you’re someone that feels like you’re not achieving your dreams, this is the article for you. Have a read of the points below as they will explain what’s blocking your path.

A Bad Resume

You should’ve been made aware of the importance of your resume way back when you were in school. It’s something you need for pretty much any job. To put it simply, a resume is a description of you and shows employers your career history and skills. If you’ve never got to the interview stage of a job application for your dream job, it’s probably due to your resume.

There are good resumes, and there are not so good ones. By having all your career history, skills, and information on yourself, you may think your resume is good. However, you really need to take great care and attention when writing it. Experts that offer resume help often say less is more. Cut down your resume, so you only include essential and relevant information. Furthermore, you shouldn’t have just one resume for every job. Different companies may ask for different skills. In which case, you should alter your resume to fit every application.

Poor Interview Skills

There are many examples of an individual that gets an interview for their dream job but still can’t get hired. If this happens to you over and over again, it can feel like you’re never going to get over the finish line. Interviews are like an audition, you have a short space of time to impress the employers and make them feel like you’re the right candidate. This requires good interview skills, if you’re not making it past the interview, your skills are probably bad.

What do good interview skills look like? For starters, you need to be confident and not afraid to talk. You should be well prepared and have answers for every question. You shouldn’t stumble on your words, and you should take time to answer questions rather than going ‘ummm’ all the time. You need to have the ability to fill the room with your personality and make an impact on the interviewers – make them remember you. It’s also beneficial if you have some questions lined up to ask them, this will always set good and bad interviewees apart.

Lack Of Experience

Ultimately, this is the big thing that holds most people back. Without experience, you’ll find it hard to write a good resume. If you’re lucky enough to still land an interview, a lack of experience makes it difficult to answer questions properly. It makes it easier for employers to choose someone ahead of you when you don’t have a lot of experience.

So, you need to go out there and get as much experience as possible. Look for voluntary work instead of real jobs. Yes, you won’t get paid, but it will be worth it. All the voluntary work you do can be added to your resume, and it will provide experience and examples of various skills. Sacrifice some pay now, and you could put yourself in a better position to reach that dream job faster than expected.

To sum up, if you feel like you’re being held back from achieving your dream job, it’s most likely down to one of these things. If you don’t know how to write a good resume, you’ll fall at the first hurdle. If you can’t interview properly, you’ll never break through. Of course, a lack of experience puts other candidates ahead of you.

Figure out which thing might be holding you back and work on fixing it. It might transpire that two of the things are your downfall, or all three! In which case, you just have some extra work to do to put yourself in a good position to achieve your dreams.