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I’m all for eating healthy but I do love my snacks. They’re a bit of a weakness of mine. Usually, when I’m out and about I tend to have a chocolate bar or a biscuit stashed in my bag. It’s not the healthiest I know, but I’m trying to improve my ways.

The lovely chaps at Graze, sent me a box to try out and I thought that this would be perfect. They offer little boxes of nutritious and tasty snacks that you can either enjoy on the go, keep at your desk or just have whenever you’re peckish.


I’ve had Grazeboxes before and LOVED them! My daughter would have some with her school lunches and I’d occasionally have some on my desk that I’d nibble on whilst working. They’re great. You can choose what contents you receive each week so you’re guaranteed to always have something on hand thats delicious and good for you.

Whilst on a photoshoot with my good friend Sophie, we decided that would be a great time to try it out and since taking photographs and looking glam requires a lot of energy, we’d surely need something to keep us going.

Since this box was a sample, I didn’t get to choose the contents. It came with “Mumbai Masala” a mix of chilli & lime cashews, baked curry bites and spicy chickpeas (116 cals)  which I must say were delicious! I could have eaten more of these. Even Sophie really enjoyed them.


Next on the menu was the “toffee apple” (79 cals) which consisted of sticky toffee sauce with granny smith apple slices. Oh my the sauce is delicious. It also comes with the Banoffee Dippers which is by far my favourite Graze box item.

After that we were left with the olives and popcorn. Since we couldn’t heat the popcorn on the go, I decided to save that and have it whilst getting my “Supernatural” fix that evening. Neither of us are too fond of Olives but I thought I’d give them a go. In the box we got “Lemon & Rosemary pitted beldi & kalamata olives” They sound delicious if you’re a fan of olives… but since I’m not, lets say I won’t be ordering any of those. ha ha


Apart from “Olivegate” I do love these little boxes. There is so much to choose from and everything is pretty healthy and nutritious so you don’t have to feel so guilty about having a cheeky snack in between meals. They’re so good, even the ducks were after our box.


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