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Things have been pretty quiet for me lately on the blogging front, I’ve been feeling a bit rubbish, to be honest. I won’t bore everyone with the details, though. Nothing major has been happening, I just get burned out really easily and need to start taking better care of myself.

So, to get myself back into the swing of blogging, and also have something interesting to talk to my readers about, I’ve decided to start a book club. I’ve chosen this month’s book, but I’ll be taking recommendations for coming months. The only criteria are that the books are non-fiction/self-help. I want to find books that will empower and uplift me and my readers.

This month’s book is Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling. I’ve had my eye on it for a while as Journalling is something I’d also love to do more of and feel that this may be something fun to do.

Here’s is Katie’s synopsis;

“Discover the transformative practice that will rocket your life to the next level—journaling. Author, speaker, life coach and podcast host Katie Dalebout has assembled a remarkable guide with insights and exercises that will elevate your life and get you “unstuck”—for good.

And don’t worry—you don’t need to be a writer! Journaling is simply a method of coaching yourself through your “stuff” and letting it out on the page, unclogging your mind from years of destructive thoughts. In doing so, you step into a position of unsurpassed clarity.

Packed with journaling exercises, prompts, and techniques that can be done anywhere and in any order, this interactive guidebook offers you a new way to navigate your daily life, cope with stress, and create exciting, permanent change. Covering everything from clearing clutter to cultivating abundance to moving beyond fear, this book will be your new best friend and coach anytime you seek clarity or crave solace.

Simply grab a pen, open your journal, and prepare to let it out.”

I’m looking forward to reading this. If you want to give it a read too, let me know in the comments so that we can have a chat about it. Also, I’d love some recommendations for August’s book. Either leave a comment or send me an email at with “Book Club” as the subject line.