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These days the media is bombarding us with their idea of what the perfect body should look like. We’re subjected to these images as little girls and see them every single day. In magazines, in advertisements, on television… there is literally no escape from it all. Which is why I’m loving this whole “Body Positivity” movement that is going around at the moment.

As someone who see’s myself as plus size, it’s been difficult. I hate shopping because the majority of shops on the high street only cater to women of a smaller size. I’ve had people judge me for eating an extra slice of pizza and even had people give me “gifts” of items to help me lose weight.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I DO want to lose weight, and I DO want to be healthier. There are days I’d give my right arm to be able to fit into a size ten pair of jeans or not have my bits wobble when I run. What I’m saying is, I’m not going to let the fact I’m bigger hold me back in life. All too often I hear my smaller friends tell me that they won’t allow themselves to buy any new clothes until they’re dropped two dress sizes, or no treats until they’ve lost 5lbs and you know what? That makes me really sad. As much as I’d love to be smaller, why should anyone have to put their life on hold until they’re at their ideal weight? Where does it end? If you lose all that weight, are you still going to be happy? Is it going to magically make your life perfect? Probably not. People might treat you better, and you may have more confidence for a little while but if those issues you have about your body and self worth are so deep rooted then you have to work on yourself first.

Each year, the dieting industry is making millions out of our insecurities. Offering their miracle weight loss product that will help you transform your life. Sure, you’ll be miserable as hell for a few months but you’ll look fab in a bikini (for a week or two)… then once you go back to normal you’ll gain all that weight and so the vicious cycle starts again. All while these guys who are selling you their miracle weight loss product are laughing all the way to the bank.

As someone who has tried pretty much every diet going I know how unpleasant the whole thing can be. I’ve now learned that to have and maintain a perfect body you need either a) lots of money to hire a personal trainer and chef to keep you in check, b) the will power and stamina of a god to do it all by yourself or c) really good genes

If working out at the gym for 10 hours a week and eating nothing but vegetables is your thing then that is awesome and I applaud you. But for me, I take pleasure in eating good food. I like to indulge in a cake and a frothy cappuccino every once in a while. I’m not saying “lets all sit on our arses and eat crap” far far from it. Eating healthy and exercising is so important for your health. What I am saying is that life is way too short to be unhappy in your own skin. Don’t deprive yourself just so society will accept you. If you want to look beautiful, look inside you and work on that first. Then go out, buy that new dress you’ve been checking out. Go get that hair cut and new lippy. Go to the beach with your kids and wear a bikini. Don’t wait to be smaller before you can live your life. Enjoy yourself. The sexiest thing on a women is confidence.Ā 

Regardless of your size, as women (even men) we all have insecurities. You see some of the most women around and behind closed doors they’re secretly miserable because their boobs aren’t big enough/too big or they hate their legs or their arms etc.

Nobody is perfect… and that in itself is perfect. We are all born to be different. We’re all different shapes and sizes. That in itself is beautiful.

So your homework for today, is to think about three things you love about your body. There has to be something? For me, I like my eyes. I get compliments quite a lot. I have nice full lips too, and huge boobs. Which is pretty awesome. Leave a comment with three things you love about your body, I’d love to know.

Do something every day that makes you feel good about yourself. Dress up, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re beautiful. And don’t let the way you look hold you back from enjoying life.