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I haven’t been using my camera much lately. I think after a few bad experiences with photography caused me to fall out of love with it a little bit. What was once something that used to bring me so much pleasure and allowed me to express myself creatively, became something I felt I was a slave to. So, I stopped taking pictures for a while.

While I’ve loved taking pictures since I was in my teens, it’s been about six years that I really started to learn photography. It was something my boyfriend and I used to spend dates doing. We’d write a list of things to take photos of and would go out with our cameras. It was so much fun. So, since it was such a lovely day, I gave Glyn my Canon 100d and I got my 6d and we both headed to the park to just enjoy the weather, catch Pokemon and take pictures of the flowers.











I really think I need to get out with my camera more. Today made me realise how much I miss taking photos for me. I still think there’s a lot of work to do before I fully get my mojo back but I’m on my way.

A lot of things have happened recently that have taught me one very important lesson: Doing things for yourself and self-care is so so important! Creativity can be used up so you have to take care of yourself, and do things that ignite your passion so that the well doesn’t run dry. Because when that happens (it happened to me recently) you’re no use to anyone.

I’m off to soak my aching feet.

Steff xxx