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Not very long ago I was lucky enough to fulfil one of my blogging ambitions to attend Blogcademy in London. This was a huge deal for me to attend something like this. Not only was I about to meet three blogging idols, but I got to be a part of something totally awesome.

If you follow Gala Darling, Rock n Roll Bride and Nubby Twiglet you’ll know how inspiring they are. If you don’t follow them, then you REALLY should because they’re amazing. With over thirty years of blogging experience between them these ladies know their stuff. Blogcademy was created by them to help other aspiring bloggers fulfil their true potential. They’ve inspired me so much in business and life over the last few years.

The workshop was held in London over the weekend of the 12th and 13th June. Arriving there bright and early on a Saturday morning was pretty nerve wracking but once I got there and had said my hello’s to everyone, I learned that each and every amazing lady there was not only super nice and friendly, but also wanted to learn. Gala, Shauna and Kat were all at the door waiting to greet each and everyone of us as we walked through the door and made us feel welcome.


Once we’d all sat down and got settled (and had a rummage through our amazing goodie bags), each on of us was asked to stand up and tell one interesting fact about ourselves. Everyone was so interesting and funny. There were ladies there who had built businesses from nothing and had to go through really hard times to get there. Some told funny stories about their pets (I so want a squirrel now by the way) and some told us quirky facts about themselves. It was a great way to break the ice and feel at ease with everyone.

After that, it was down to business. Shauna, Kat and Gala had so much to tell us. Blogging just isn’t writing the odd post every now and again. Theres so much more to take in and I learned so much. I have a book chock full of notes and ideas to take away with me.



If you’re looking into getting into blogging yourself, or if you already have a blog that you feel needs improvement then I’d totally recommend attending a Blogcademy Class. You can find out HERE about their next classes. Failing that, if you can’t attend in person you can sign up for the Blogcademy Homeschool and work at your own pace. You’ll learn pretty much everything you need to know to become a successful blogger. They’re totally honest and not like a lot of coaches you see online that seem to offer a magic pill to miraculously become successful. These ladies won’t sugar coat anything, but they give you the tools, knowledge and resources you need to reach your full potential and get ahead.



I was lucky enough to chat to Shauna quite a bit. She’s a pretty successful graphic designer, so having the chance to talk to her not just about blogging, but also pick her brains about design was amazing. Her company Branch have worked with some fantastic brands such as Forever 21 and Shien Cosmetics. She had some great advice for using my blog to promote my photography and design business and had some great feedback on the overall design and layout of my own blog. I love her!



Gala DarlingRock n Roll Bride and Nubby Twiglet have been a huge inspiration to me and it was an honour to meet the three of them. In person they are warm, friendly and so so helpful. The workshop was so much fun and I’ve come away bursting with ideas about how to improve this blog and some lifelong friends to add to my blogging tribe. I met some awesome ladies who each has their own ambitions and creative journey to embark on and I’m happy I got to share that with each and every one of them.




So, if you’re looking to improve your blogging check out The Blogcademy! Go do it… it’s amazeballs. In the mean time check out this little video that was made from the weekend. I’m not in it much (I’m camera shy 😉 ) but it still shows how much fun was had.

Thank you thank you thank you so much to the headmistresses. I had the best time ever!

Photos by Sarah Kuszelewicz. See the full set HERE

Video by Long Haul Films