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Being an avid writer, a creator of posts and a storyteller comes with a territory. Having an idea for a blog is different to sitting down and writing one, so they take careful planning. Carving out your own corner of the internet complete with followers is an achievement and if you have successfully done this, well done you!

After a length of time, a blog can get a little stagnant and need a makeover. Not your writing – this is likely to be on point and being very well received in the blogging community. The look of your blog, over time, will need to evolve to fit your work. You may have started out with a plain blog without much excitement, but this can change!

If you’re looking at your WordPress platform and cringing over the look of your blog, then it’s obvious you need a change so make it happen. Sometimes this can start with the technology you’re using to actually support your blog, so upgrade your computer for something with a bit more oomph and take a look at this mac website to get some ideas on refurbished models that are more affordable for you. Check out our top makeover tips so you can revamp your blog and breathe a little life into it.

Colours & Themes: Your blog should be visually appealing. There’s nothing worse than a blog that looks messy and unorganised. You don’t need a blog that flashes and blinks, nor do you need Comic Sans to dominate your blog. Use a platform like WordPress if you don’t already and choose a high-quality theme for a facelift. A clutter-free design you can customise yourself is the way to go. You don’t just have to customise the theme and the main colours either, but the fonts can be changed and recoloured as well.

Social Media: Blogs are social spaces and you’re hopefully aiming for a lot of traffic and visitation. To get your reach, you need to update your social media buttons so people can follow you that way. You can attach social media sharing widgets to your posts so that people can share your posts instead of your entire blog.

Social #2: Pinterest is one of the biggest social sharing sites out there, and whatever the niche your blog fits into, Pinterest probably has a board for it. If you give your blog the option for pinning, you need to include a button on your posts so people can ‘pin’ your images as they see them.

Images: All blogs, whatever the content, need sharp images. If you have a blog full of pages of writing you are going to have your readers bored. You need to be eye-catching and if you plan to take your own photographs for your blog, you need to have some skills! Take some courses if necessary, you need to be sharp!

Your blog is your own space to have a voice. Don’t make a mess of that privilege and take the time to give it a makeover it so desperately needs.