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Working within the design industry has an air of glamour to it. Your pals may think that you are holed up all day working in an inspiring space full of natural light, designer sofas and creative pods with all sorts of artistic types. It doesn’t matter whether you work in graphic design, photography or architecture, usually, the truth doesn’t reflect the perception that people have. If someone was to peek into your creative workspace, they might be shocked to see just how normal your office looks. It’s time for a change. Take a look at these ways you can design the ultimate workspace to inspire creativity.


You may know the exact area where you need to base your agency. It has excellent transport links, is close to a wealth of amenities and is central enough to have plenty of footfall past your front door. However, what sort of building would emulate your creative vision? Are you even going to opt for a building at all? Urban creatives have been taking a leaf out of the pages of the most eco-friendly of books and have chosen to breathe new life into otherwise derelict spaces. In East London, offices have been made from the wrecked carriages of old tube trains. Adorned with graffiti, these workspaces promote urban chicness in an otherwise bleak industrial environment.

Natural Light

Sunlight really does fuel our bodies and minds. The more natural light you allow to flood your premises, the more alert and enthused your creative team will be. Add a touch of greenery here and there to allow the outside in. External landscapes are inspiring, and people appreciate the opportunity to see something other than the bland grey four walls around them. Consider opting for a forest mural across a feature wall within your studio. Bringing nature indoors coupled with oodles of natural light will make your staff forget that they are even in their place of work.

Open Plan

The idea of open plan living has been around for the past decade or so, but open plan working is a more recent craze. Keeping your workspace fluid and cohesive without barriers creates a more open atmosphere. It fosters an environment where those ad hoc and creative water cooler moments can occur. Sometimes the best inspirational ideas are formed as you catch up and say hi to a colleague as you spy them heating up their soup in the kitchen. Try to generate more of these moments with a flexible workspace.

Graphic design agencies, architect studios and advertising offices need to be inspiring places in which to work. They will often have their signature pieces such as a commissioned sculpture, a piece of artwork or a welcome-wall mural made up of tiny faces of staff members. Being kooky and quirky and innovative is what the creative industry is all about. It’s time to ensure that your workspace emulates this and remains inspiring enough to be the place where incredible ideas can be generated.