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I’m in a bit of a quandary at the moment. You know when you have all these amazing ideas you just end up overwhelming yourself with awesome… It happens a lot around here.

Anyway, if you know me, you’ll know that I love making websites. It’s actually my favourite thing about design, next branding then photography. I’ve been having a good think about where I want to go with my business. So, what’s a girl to do? Well, I’ve been thinking for a while about keeping “Oh So Steffany” as just my personal, lifestyle blog. But because I’ve been so busy with other things it does get a little neglected from time to time. A few months ago I set up Northern Star Design Co. and didn’t really do much with it. So, I’ve been toying with the ideas of officially launching Northern Star Design Co as a place to promote and sell my professional work as a graphic designer and keep Oh So Steffany as a place for me to share all my lovely not so much (I’d still include some – I’m way to obsessed) design related posts. Just a blog.

What do you think? Should I keep everything under “Oh So Steffany” What is it that keeps you coming back here to Oh So Steffany? Do you think that Northern Star Design Co is a good idea for keeping my professional and personal worlds separate? I’d really love your input on this. Leave a comment below.

Whatever happens, I’m afraid I’m going to have to drastically raise my prices. A girls gotta make a living after all. Since I’m finishing off Uni I’m waiting till I’m done with that before I release my new price packages. So in the mean time, you have until May 1st to have a full website package for only £300. Bargain! I’m limited to how much work I can take on per month but I have four spaces available for April and two for March. So if you’d like to get your blog off the ground or you have a business that needs a bit more oomph with they online presence and branding. Be sure to catch me while you can at the current great rates.