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I’ve recently been trying out some new art techniques because I want to launch a shop here on Oh So Steffany to sell stationary, art prints, and greetings cards… Now, I’m no Van Gogh but I love putting my graphic design skills to good use.

So, the first items to be launched in my new shop (coming very soon) will be some art prints. Available in either A4 or A5 ready to be framed, laminated… whatever. There will be two different types, the first, send me a portrait (preferably clear with a white background) and I will convert it into a beautiful gold or silver portrait.



The second are quotes. I’ll have a few ready made, and ready to ship and I’ll also be offering the option to have a custom quote made up into either an A4 or A5 print.

Also, if you’re a planner addict, like me, all A5 prints will have the option to be laminated so that you can use them as planner dashboards. How awesome is that?

I’m also working on creating greetings cards which will be available to purchase individually or in packs of five. So if you’d like some custom thank you cards with your face on them… let me know.

I’m hoping to have the shop open by next week. So keep an eye on my Facebook page for updates. Also, there’ll be watercolours and custom graphic posters available in the future. Lots to come.