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Oh My! How on earth is it October already? Where has this year gone? Christmas is literally just around the corner and I’ve only just recovered from last Christmas (even if my bank account hasn’t)

So, since the blog has been so quiet lately, I thought that I’d join in on Blogtober to help me get into the swing of things. If you’re interested you can check it out on Facebook.


The first challenge is to post five to ten facts about yourself so here goes…

(This is really hard because I’m actually not all that interesting)

  1. I don’t look like my age. I actually love telling people how old I am (I’ll be 35 in November fyi) because of the look of shock on peoples faces I see when I tell them. It’s awesome sometimes… sometimes I just get judgey looks when I mention I have a ten year old daughter before they know how old I am. I still get asked for ID too in bars. I honestly don’t know what it is, I’m not particularly attractive. It could be my “chubbiness” or it might just be that I act  a lot younger that I am.
  2. I’m a bit of a “Self-Improvement” junkie. I’m constantly reading blogs of life coaches and are part of groups to help improve your life and business. At the moment I’m loving Denise Duffield Thomas and I’ve just joined Leonie Dawsons Shining Life & Biz programme and Marie Forleo is my idol! The only books that I ever read are ones that will help me in some way. I’m not all that into fiction. I want to learn stuff!
  3. I love eighties rock! Actually, everything eighties was amazing! It was awful too but thats what makes it amazing. The movies (Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, ET anyone?), the fashion (Just comical… mullet perms and leg warmers… genius) and the music… oh my god the music! Give me a bit of Bon Jovi or Whitesnake any day! What a decade!!!
  4. I have a crush on Superman… not necessarily the actors who have played him (although they are EXTREMELY nice to look at) but the character Superman. He’s like the perfect man isn’t he? Big, strong, heroic with a bit of a nerdy side to him. Plus, I secretly want to be Lois Lane. She’s kinda my idol too.
  5. My biggest fear is open water… and fish. I have a goldfish and Roger is fine. But put me in the sea and have a fish swim by and OMG!!! I was once on holiday in Crete a few years ago and decided (was talked into) to try snorkelling. I saw a little flat fish swim across the water (I was only in 3ft deep) and screamed so loudly that everyone started to evacuate the water. That was slightly embarrassing. I used to have a thing against cotton wool too but it’s not so bad these days. I still don’t like to touch it. It goes right through me.

So there you have it. Five interesting things about me. If you’re interested in trying out Blogtober let me know so that I can share the love and leave a comment on your blog.

See you tomorrow

Steffany x