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So what exactly is SUP I hear you ask? SUP is short for ‘stand-up paddleboarding.’ It’s essentially a surfing spin-off where you stand up on the board and use a paddle to move yourself through the water (as opposed to riding any waves). If you’re looking for a new fun outdoor sport to try, there are some pretty great reasons to consider SUP.

Full body out work

SUP is an excellent way to give yourself a full-body workout. When you’re standing and paddling, you’ll use your legs, arms, shoulders, and back plus your core strength to help you to balance. Exercises that build core strength will help you to tone up and mean you’ll be less likely to obtain injuries during sports or daily activities. SUP is a low impact kind of exercise, which means it’s easy on the body as well as being a good work out. It’s a great form of cardio to improve your cardiovascular health overall. 

It’s therapeutic 

Activities on the water can often be therapeutic and soothing by nature. If you’ve been feeling stressed, sports like SUP can help you to achieve a sense of calm and to ease your mind. Being on the water is relaxing, and experiencing the outdoors will boost your endorphin levels and help to lift your mood. Often our fast-paced lives can leave us feeling a little agitated and run-down. Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood for the gym experience (especially if it’s crowded)! Outdoor water activities can be a nice change and a great act of self care to help you to really unwind. 

Incorporate yoga 

SUP has even been adapted into a form of yoga! (Basically yoga, but on a paddleboard in the water). While the practice sounds hard (and it is), SUP yoga can be a super relaxing practice to improve your yoga, balance and focus. You can start by merely practicing a few basic poses. Perhaps get your friends to come along for moral support (and more fun)! As SUP becomes more popular, there is an increased demand for both SUP and SUP yoga. Who knows, you might even get hooked and find yourself wanting to take an sup instructor course. SUP takes a little practice, but with endurance and patience, you’ll soon be having lots of fun and reaping all the benefits. 

See new places 

There are so many places that you can rent a paddleboard, from locally to far off destinations abroad. New sports hobbies can take you to some lovely places that you wouldn’t have otherwise visited! When you try new things, you’ll not only gain new skills, but you’ll also improve your wellbeing and perhaps meet some like-minded people. Remember to give yourself a good stretch out before you take to your board and follow any health and safety guidance you are provided with. As with any sport, stay hydrated and take it easy when you are a beginner.