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Travelling the world is one of the many joys life has to offer us. Over the past decade, our wanderlust has grown hand in hand with the availability of the travel to get us to these desired destinations.

Look for cheap flights

There are so many comparison sites out there that it’s hard not to be able to find a flight that won’t suit your budget. Flying out of the UK is cheaper than ever before due to budget airlines, and getting yourself into another European country can be done in extra quick time (it takes just over an hour to fly to Amsterdam, for example – quicker than Birmingham – London via train!). That’s not to say that you have to stay on the continent. There are flights all over the world happening for cheaper than you’d expect.


Offering to volunteer in a foreign place can seem daunting, but it could be just the excuse you need to get out and travel. Look online for something that appeals to what you want to do – be it working with animals, children or helping to build on a project, there are so many options available. You would usually have to pay to stay, and pay for the volunteering that you’d do it. It’s a deposit to ensure that you’re not just going there to stay and play and give up on any work that actually needs doing. Also, remember that you’ll be volunteering for a charity, so they need all of the monetary help that they can get as well as your physical help.

Do a camp

This is especially good for those on gap years or in between semesters at university. Camps such as Camp America are open for you to travel over to and have the Summer Of Your Life. They’re a blast and extremely memorable, and also great for the CV if you want to do something in your career involving kids, such as teaching. It all counts towards experience.

Invest in qualifications

If you’ve always wanted to get out and about but aren’t too sure where to start (and are stuck on where to head career-wise), apply for tourism management courses and see what it can offer you. You could find yourself jetting all over the world to top establishments, or at the very least learn about the culture you can explore.

Pick a buddy, pack your bags!

If money’s no object, time is in free availability and you’ve got the urge to hop on a plane, train or hike your way around, get travelling. There is no time like the present to make use of what we’ve got around us – and we’ve got a lot! It’s never been easier to get from country to country, and we need to remember to make good use of this. Take a travel buddy with you to enjoy the ride, or travel solo if that’s your bag. Make sure that you take lots of pictures and a diary to document everything in.