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Londoners face all sorts of difficulties on the busy city streets. When you drive in the capital, you will
rarely get over 30 mph or be able to proceed far before needing to stop for a yellow box junction, a
traffic light or to allow pedestrians to cross in front of you. In addition, London’s motorists face the
difficulty of being able to find somewhere to park as well as needing to cough up for things like the
congestion charge zone if they head into central London on a weekday.

Although it does not snow as much in London as it does in other parts of the country, the capital does
see plenty of sub-zero temperatures. In such cases, you are more likely to face black ice than anything
else. Of course, as anyone who has hit black ice will know, it is incredibly difficult to spot on the road
ahead, especially when there’s lots of traffic in front of you. In order to overcome this issue, whether
you drive brand new car or a second-hand one, fitting winter tyres makes a lot of sense. Good thing is
there are many reliable places you can get new tyres from. For example, you can replace your old tyres
and buy winter tyres in London from the experts at DAT tyres. They afford more grip and work better
when the temperatures drop. How do you look after them?


It is very important that you keep winter tyres properly inflated when you drive on them. Bear in mind
that winter tyres don’t need any special treatment when you pump them up. They are just as easy to
inflate as normal ones. However, partially flat winter tyres will wear down more rapidly and you need all
the tread you can get when winter tyres are being driven in snow and ice.


Although winter tyres work perfectly well in the summer, you may want to save them for winter use
only. That’s what they are designed for, after all. If you remove yours, then make sure you store them in
a cool and dry place. Stacking them outside is not a good option because the sun can start to break up
the rubber compounds they are made from.