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Smoking is a kind of addiction that will bring on a variety of health issues, many of which can lead to death. A lot of people are forced to quit smoking when health becomes a problem. However, there should not be a debilitating issue that causes you to quit such a horrible habit. Having a skin condition alone should help you to make up your mind simply because you can notice a lot of changes in your skin once you quit smoking, or even just switch to electronic cigarettes, you will see an improvement.

Clear Skin

When you quit smoking, your skin is going to benefit. As you smoke, there will be a drop in oxygen, which will mean your skin is going to lack the oxygen that it needs. This can lead to a faded, dull look to your skin, often causing breakouts. The skin of a smoker is generally unmanageable and dry, so when you quit, you are going to notice much clearer skin.

Brighter Eyes

More oxygen will give you a brighter look to your eyes. Smoking is known to take away the oxygen that your system needs, causing a dull look to the eyes and the skin.

Less Facial Wrinkles

Quitting smoking will benefit your skin by making it look a lot younger, or at least reverse some of the signs of early aging that smoking may have caused. The fine lines and wrinkles that you have may be easily reversed if you take the initiative to quit now. Facial wrinkles are caused by dry skin, but then you also have the facial muscles that are tightening as you take each puff of a cigarette and squinting to keep the smoke from getting into your eyes.

Clean Nails And Teeth

Nicotine can stain your nails and teeth, adding a yellow tone. Over a longer period of time when you quit smoking, this discolouration will start to go away.

Glowing Skin – When you quit smoking, it will help your skin to be more naturally moisturised and give your skin the ability to glow once again.

Other Benefits Of Quitting

Not only will quitting smoking help your skin, but you will also have a lot more energy each day. Your lungs will be clear, allowing you to take in more oxygen that translates into an energy boost.

Your food is going to taste better as well. Nicotine is known for numbing your taste buds, so a lot of smokers will have to use a lot of spices on their foods. Once you quit, tastes will be fresher and fruits and other berries are no longer going to burn your tongue. It can be incredible once you start to enjoy different flavours once again.

Non-smokers are also going to smell a lot better, simply because the smoke will no longer be giving them a harsh tobacco smell. Most smokers do not realise that they smell like smoke because their senses have been dulled down. No longer will your smell be offensive to those people who do not smoke.

If you work at a company that no longer allows smoking at their facility, you will not have to worry anymore about the inability to take breaks to get your smoking fix. You will have a lot more free time to enjoy life instead of longing for that next cigarette.

This is a guest post by Andy Cooper.