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Most workplaces will have some form of art in their vicinity. Whether it’s canvases of beautifully photographed landscapes on the walls, well-known paintings adorning the pop-up calendars on the reception desk or the soothing symphonies of classical composers playing in the elevator: art subtly saturates the workplace. But why? Most people would consider that it is merely for decorative purposes or a means of filling the silence, but you may be surprised to discover that art has much more potential than breaking up blank, white walls and masking the mechanical noises that would otherwise haunt you as you are transported from the ground floor to the fifth floor of the establishment. For the moment, let’s focus on the potential that visual arts can hold for your office or studio space.


One of painted art’s most valuable qualities is color and texture. Different pigments and techniques can be incorporated to produce a wide variety of visual effects. These can have a profound influence on the mood and emotions of those who look at the finished piece, whether advertently (looking directly at the picture) or inadvertently (the image lying within your peripheral vision). Cool tones such as blue-green can be calming and soothing, fostering a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere. If this is what you’re aiming for, favor anything from Arctic icy blues to warm Mediterranean turquoises. Warm tones are considered to convey a whole range of emotions, from happiness to passion to anger. So choose carefully. Comforting and welcoming colors are generally considered to be shades of yellow and orange, so paintings incorporating these tones could effectively adorn the walls of training rooms or the HR department.


It is easy to start to feel stifled when you work in the same office day in and day out. Especially during the winter, where you get in before the sun has risen and leave work long after it has set. Working indoors can make you feel as though you never get a proper taste of the natural world. The office can start to feel almost like a jail, as you stare out of the windows, unable to feel the warmth of the sun on your hair or the patter of rain on your skin. High-quality landscape photography is a great way to instill a feeling of nature to the office environment. The profound variety of color and texture provided by the natural world also ensures that you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding something perfect for the type of atmosphere that you wish to convey in each different part of the workplace. Check out for some beautiful examples of inspiring landscape photography and the potential that high-quality print can hold for your workplace.

By implementing these two art forms into your workspace, you can subtly help to create differing atmospheres for different environments. This form of visual communication can benefit your office in numerous ways, from the way that individuals communicate with one another to creating relaxing spaces where they can relieve themselves of stress. This will improve productivity and lead to overall success within the company.