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This is going to be a short and sweet today. I’m trying to post daily but don’t want my blog turning into a “Dear Diary” sort of thing. My blog needs to have purpose and in some way be able to offer advice and help others.

So, since summer has officially started in Casa Berry, the munchkin has finished school for the summer and I’m off uni till September. It’s as good a time as any to make some plans and hold myself accountable for what I plan to get done over the next few weeks. Hopefully, I’ll be able to come back here  in September and be able to say I got everything done. I got the idea for this post from Mrs Craft B who tagged me in her Summer Bucket List post

1. Finish my degree work – Due to a few health issues this year I had to get extensions on some of my university modules. I have about three weeks left till my deadline so it’s important that I get it done and to a good standard.

2. Post here more often – I have big plans for Oh So Steffany. I’d like to post more design related posts and maybe some tutorials on how to make your own blogs pretty. Expect to see some curated posts with my favourite Etsy finds and perhaps even some business and self love related info too. I even plan to sort out my newsletter and create some great freebies for you.

3. Create some memories – Since we aren’t going away on holiday this year (I know right? BOO) It’s still so important to enjoy yourself over those summer months. So I plan to take my daughter on some fun picnics and days out to the beach, meet my friends and drink wine till the small hours and enjoy the outdoors on some hikes with my love… and get TONS of photos to remember it all by.

4. Take more photos – I fell out of love with photography a little recently. While I have a few small photography jobs booked over the summer, I need to take more photos of my family. We have hundreds of photo frames just waiting to be filled up. Even practicing some self portraits would be good. I’m more comfortable behind the camera than I am in front so doing this would help build my confidence. (Expect a post on this soon)

5. Be more active – Because of my job (graphic designer) I spend a lot of time sat on my behind. I think some exercise would do me the world of good and my other half is always telling me to take up yoga. Especially, when I complain about my achey hips. So yoga and hiking is definitely on this summers agenda.

6. Finish my E-Courses – This year I went on a bit of a “Self-Help” frenzy! I signed up to all these courses to help find myself, help my business, master at web design etc etc. They all seem awesome but life got in the way and I just got overwhelmed. Now, I have all these resources at my fingertips that I really should utilise.

7. Do some work on Northern Star  – Northern Star is my little Graphic Design company that I’m growing. It’s the name I do all my professional work under. Not only do I need to make some money to fund my summer adventures, but ideally, I’d like to set up a proper studio next year instead of working from home.

8. Meditate – This is something I keep trying but I’m terrible at keeping up with things. It’s a habit that I think everyone should incorporate because the benefits of quietening your mind, even for just ten minutes a day can be amazing. I think at the moment, I’m too “all over the place” I have this vision in my head of who I want to be but I get so distracted by outside stimuli – phones, noises etc. I think taking some quiet time each day so be with myself, maybe even play with my tarot cards will do my mental health a world of wonders.

9. Home Improvements/Feng Shui – I’d love to enjoy my home a little more. At the moment it feels a little cluttered and disorganised. Maybe I could make some new covers for my cushions, and re-arrange the furniture. Try some crafty DIY’s to spruce the place up a bit… of course I’ll be sure to post here. Getting rid of unnecessary items in your home can make way for new exciting things to come into your life too, thats Feng Shui 101, so a declutter is definitely in order.

10. Get more organised – I’ve said before how all over the place I am, and I get flustered and overwhelmed so easily… then nothing gets done because I feel stressed and need to rest. Maybe finding some great tips on how to organise your life a little will have to be found.

There you have it! Here is my ten things I want to get done this summer. Why don’t you make a list of ten things you’d like to do over the summer and if you post it to your blog, be sure to leave a link in the comments so that I can check it out. We can all come back and check these out in the next few months to see how well we’ve done.

But most importantly, have fun