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This weekend we decided to pop into Manchester for no particular reason other than to get out of the house. Holly had been poorly and I’ve felt a little coupled up lately so getting out was just what we needed.

Manchester gets pretty busy at weekends and it’s not so enjoyable trying to find a place to sit for coffee when there are so many people. It stresses me out being amongst crowds and it was pretty cold too. Not to mention, Holly still wasn’t feeling 100% so she wasn’t in the best of moods either. That being said it was still really good to just be out of the house and doing something with my two favourite people that didn’t involve staring at a screen of some sort or lounging around in our pyjamas.

Holly had never been to Afflecks Palace or Forbidden Planet. Being a little geek, I thought she’d love them. I think if she’d been in a better mood she probably would but at least she liked Forbidden Planet. We even saw a man (yes, a man) dressed as a character from My Little Pony which she thought was pretty awesome.

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After a bit of wandering and her constantly saying that she was hungry, we went to the “all you can eat” buffet; Peachy Keens in the Printworks. I love that place. There is so much to choose from and the food is delicious. Holly was particularly impressed with the desserts. Typical.

I was hoping to get more photos from the day and try out my new camera but we just weren’t feeling it. So my beloved camera spent the majority of the day in my bag. Maybe next time, eh?

Manchester is so much better, to me, during the week when it isn’t as busy. At least it was good to hang out with my two favourite people though.

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