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While your content is extremely important as a blogger, it’s not the only thing to pay attention to. The photos you use will draw the reader in, spark their interest and is generally the thing that makes them want to read what you’ve written. So as a blogger, you really need to have good photos. Here are some of the ways you can help to achieve this so that every blog post looks the best it can.

Buy a Good Camera

While smartphone cameras these days can be pretty good, a ‘proper’ camera will always be far better. It could be a standard digital which is compact and easily fits in your handbag, although if you’re interested in photography and really want your photos to stand out, then a DSLR is the way to go. You could check out this Fuji photo blogger for tips and advice, or you could book a DSLR day training course one weekend. This will help you get to grips with everything and teach you the basics on how to use it. Not only is a good camera ideal for blogging but can also be used to capture your daily life too. In years to come, you’ll have clear photos to look back on instead of fuzzy smartphone photos!

Set Up The Background

If you’re taking photos of products, you’ll need a good background. A plain white table or desk works well, with a white board set up behind it if you don’t have smooth white walls. This helps to really put the focus on the product and gives a nice professional look. Play around with different props and setup too. For example, candles or fairy lights in the background with the focus on the product gives a pretty bokeh effect. Alternatively, you could go for a flat lay, these are really popular on Instagram and blogs at the moment and are a great way to showcase products. There are sites online which explain how to master this, and the kinds of props that work best.

Use Royalty Free Images Online

While taking your own photos is always best, sometimes that’s not possible. For times like this, you should use good quality images online- but crucially they have to be royalty free. You can’t simply use a photo from another blog or website since this infringes on copyright and could land you in trouble. You can find photos that are safe to use by searching your topic, going to Google images and then on the right-hand side click ‘tools’. Then under ‘usage rights’ click on ‘labelled for reuse.’ Another thing you can do is go to a site that distributes royalty free images- Pexels and Pixabay for example, have lots of high-quality lifestyle kinds of images that are perfect for blogs. They cost nothing to use and can be put in blog posts however you like.

Do you have any tips for improving blog photography? How important are nice pictures to you when you’re reading a blog?