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I’m not usually one to get involved in arguments or spats but I’m seeing a lot of buzz on social media at the moment about a disagreement between a blogger and a baker and I think I’d like to have my say.

If you don’t know what happened, you can read the story HERE (Yes it even made the BBC) it’s pretty crazy how much the whole thing is escalating. In a nutshell, a blogger approached baker of lovely goodies Anges De Sucre about doing a review for her blog. You can read each persons side of the story here for Anges De Sucre and here for “Wrap Your Lips Around This” blog

I won’t go into the details too much. You can read the articles above to make your own mind up. I just wanted to voice my opinion on the matter.

I had the pleasure of meeting Reshmi who owns Anges De Sucre at Blogcademy in June. She is one of the loveliest, sweetest ladies I’ve ever met and hearing her story about her humble beginnings and how she’s built up this amazing business for herself is astounding. She truly is an inspiration. The fact that she even attended Blogcademy shows that she knows her stuff when it comes to blogging and business.


This blogger who had badmouthed Anges De Sucre is totally out of order. I understand that she may see blogging as her job, and wants to be compensated for her time. She’s worked for some amazing, and huge brands. But, Anges De Sucre is a small business. For this blogger to approach them and demand £100 worth of freebies is a tad rude. Maybe there was a lack of communication by both parties and wires got crossed but to leave a hurtful review later and blackmail Anges De Sucre is poor form.

In this day and age, with the internet, things can get blown out of proportion it’s far too easy to voice your opinions without thinking. I’ve had it happen to me and I’ve even been guilty of saying the odd negative comment myself. I’m not proud of it but I’m human and it happens. When it comes to business though, it’s so important to keep things professional. Posting nasty instagram photos slating the bakery is so unprofessional. I can also personally vouch that Anges De Sucre’s marshmallows taste like little bits of heaven after trying some that were included in our blogcademy goodie bags.

As a blogger myself, when it comes to reviews I personally feel that if I was to approach a business offering to do a review I wouldn’t expect freebies (especially to the value of £100 blimey) If I was someone I’d approached myself, I’d do so because I like the brand and want to share with my readers my thoughts. If a brand approached me, I would expect a token of sorts in exchange for a review but if I wasn’t happy with them I certainly wouldn’t go on some rampage on social media saying how horrible they are. I get that costs were involved in travelling to the bakery etc and she was expecting some form of reimbursement in the form of a meal but I don’t agree that bloggers should feel that they are entitled to such things. No formal agreements were made, no contracts were signed. In my opinion, she was entitled to nothing. For a blogger to demand such things especially when she isn’t even all that well known is ridiculous. It would make things very difficult for other bloggers if we all acted like divas and started contacting companies in exchange for positive reviews. We’re not the mafia. I’ve seen it happen with other businesses being threatened with bad reviews if they don’t cater to the bullies whims.

It actually makes me a little angry that this has happened to Reshmi as she is such a lovely person and doesn’t deserve this. I’m sure the blogger in question has had a hard time of things from this too. Whilst I don’t agree with her I’m now seeing some pretty horrible things being posted on her Instagram photos (which have now been removed)  She doesn’t deserve that either. But her childish actions and diva behaviour may make it difficult for other brands to want to work with her in the future.

Anges De Sucre are certainly NOT the bullies this blogger is making them out to be. They’re a small business doing an amazing job at what they do. I think everyone can learn a lesson or two from this in that it really does pay to be nice… and to make your intentions clear when working with others.

Image via Anges De Sucre