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A rebrand can be an important step for any business, helping to create recognition around your business through its logo, tone of voice and other distinguishing features. It’s a way to draw attention to your company and help get it noticed.

A rebrand can be a costly investment, involving working with graphic designers and marketing experts to make sure your new brand is the right fit for your business. However, to ensure your new brand is implemented successfully, you’re going to need your employees to adopt it too.

Take a look at the following advice to help get your employees on board with your new brand to give your business the refresh it needs.

Ask for their input

A corporate rebrand can be a large body of work, one that can take a long time to get right. The people working directly on the rebrand can easily become too close to it, which can make it difficult to make decisions later on in the process.

This is where the rest of your teams can be helpful. Invite them to feedback on your proposals, and even provide options for them to vote on. Getting involved in areas like logo design will help them take ownership of the rebrand and feel like their opinions matter, Consult with your employees at different stages and make the rebrand a team-wide project.

Provide clear timescales and expectations

To make your rebrand successful, you need to provide clear timescales and expectations to your employees. Having a clear launch date will make it clear at what point employees need to start using the new brand, while setting out guidelines and training opportunities will help people feel confident in using the new brand in the right way. There are some fantastic ways to launch your new brand to help you make an impact, so don’t be afraid to go big to help generate the interest you need.

Make implementation as simple as possible

Branding often involves several rules that have to be followed. From using the correct font to the right guidelines for forms and templates, it’s easy for branding rules to get muddled and confusing for staff to follow.

You can make implementation as simple as possible through communicating the features of the new brand clearly to your employees. Having branding guidelines that are easily accessible will make it easier for staff to use them, while standardisation of templates and forms will make it much simpler to use the new brand correctly. Read more about the corporate rebranding process at and learn how you can make it easier. Staff buy-in is one of the most important elements of a rebrand, so give your employees the tools to make it work.

The corporate rebranding process isn’t always an easy one, but making sure your employees have what they need to make it work will help. Remember to conduct regular reviews of how things are working and alter elements where necessary. A corporate rebrand can take time to get off the ground, but it will be worth it to provide a clearer vision for your company going forward.