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I was tagged to do this post by the lovely Rebecca from Dillydrops. (You should check out her blog – SERIOUSLY CUTE!!!) I’m quite new to this blog tagging thing but I’ve found that it’s not only a great way to get to know other bloggers and widen your tribe (you know how important this is to me) but it’s a great way of creating content and finding your blog voice… plus, it’s also a great way for your readers/clients to get to know you a little bit better. Not to mention how much fun it is. Back in the days of MySpace I loved doing those little surveys and tagging my friends.

So, let’s have a little fun…


  1. My little family – my daughter, Hubby to be, pooch and two kitties. They’re my world
  2. My friends! After years of feeling like I don’t belong, I have a bunch of people who are as creative and as bonkers as I am and I love them
  3. Being creative – Photographing, designing, drawing, making… you name it, I love it!
  4. Blogging – I love writing and the people and opportunities it’s brought into my life
  5. Wedding planning – Even though no official date is set for our big day, that doesn’t stop me going nuts on Pinterest
  6. Peonies – They’re my favourite flowers. I need to develop a green thumb so that I can grow my own
  7. Lavender – Favourite flower Number 2. The smell, the colour, the taste (yes it tastes delicious, theres a bar in Manchester that does Lavender daiquiris! Heaven)
  8. Chocolate – In every form, bars, biscuits, ice-cream… if it’s chocolate or chocolate flavoured I love it!
  9. Unicorns – They poop rainbows and are amazing!
  10. Pink – My ultimate favourite colour, even my hair is pink. A psychic once told me that it was a lucky colour for me too, if I needed an excuse to have more of it in my life, thats as good as any.



I didn’t want to say “things I HATE”… it’s such a negative word.

  1. Stress – I get overwhelmed so easily, and for me, that usually leads to panic attacks and getting flustered. Trying to be organised and taking time out to get enough rest is a MUST.
  2. Discrimination – It really gets on my nerves when people are mean to others because of their size, colour, gender, beliefs etc Just let everyone get on with their own lives and be kind to each other.
  3. People going on political rants – One thing I hate about social media are ignorant people who’d read one poorly written headline in a newspaper and go off on one about it saying all the worlds problems are down to immigrants/people on benefits/women/muslims (delete as appropriate) Just SHUT UP!
  4. Charity Adverts – The ones that tug on your heart strings and make you give away all your money because… puppies!!!
  5. Being poor – ok, I wouldn’t say I was poor. I’m not rich either and that sucks.
  6. Public transport – As someone with pretty bad anxiety issues, having your boobs groped whilst your face is rammed into some smelly guys armpit on a busy train isn’t my idea of getting your moneys worth for the cost of a train ticket. Then there are the drunks who start conversations with you on busses, or women screaming at their kids while they too are screaming. Thank goodness for headphones.
  7. Pointless Facebook Posts – “Like if you hate Cancer” F**K OFF
  8. Rain – It’s wet, it’s miserable, it ruins your hair and makes your eyeliner smudgy.
  9. Mushrooms – totally pointless vegetables (ARE they even vegetables? Fungus?) They smell funny, they taste funny and they’re like eating rubber. Bleagh.
  10. Running out of coffee – don’t talk to me till I’ve had my morning bucket. If I’ve run out completely… RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! 


I’m not going to tag anyone in particular, but if you plan to do this, please leave me a comment so that I can share the love