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I’ve been to some interesting places this week. And, who knew that these places were on my doorstep. As part of uni, we went into Manchester to look at Chethams (pronounce cheetams) library. It’s a pretty impressive place. Not only is it incredibly old and beautiful, but it’s also the place where Karl Marx used to go and sit and think about philosophy. Also, a couple of scenes were filmed in there for one of the Harry Potter movies.

Chethams blog 1

Another interesting aspect of Chethams Library is the printing press. As a graphic designer, knowing how early books were printed is really interesting to me. They have a huge collection of first edition printed books and seeing an original press in action was amazing.

Chethams blog 2 February-22

If you want to go look for yourself, (while I highly recommend it) it is open to the public but you do have to book in advance. It isn’t somewhere you can just wander in off the street. It’s an amazing place though.