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If you have been in your job for a long time and cannot get motivated in the morning, chances are you need a change. Outgoing people and extroverts will not last long in dead-end jobs. In case you feel like it is time to let go of your career mistakes, you still have a chance to make it right for yourself. Below you will find a few ideas for a career change suitable for outgoing, people persons.

Travel Agent

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Working in this industry will make you the person who makes others’ dreams come true. If you have people skills and are good at communicating with individuals from every walk of life, you could get trained as a travel agent. You can set up your online agency, or get work experience working for a large company, until you are competent enough to go out there on your own. You  can learn more about different places and cultures, and meet new customers every day.

Recruitment Consultant

Helping individuals and companies, connecting talent with demand can be a challenging and rewarding career. You get to know more about different industries, and meet company owners, managers, as well as people looking for the perfect career to match their qualifications and experience. Check out PureStaff for current vacancies and offers in the industry, or find out more about the qualification requirements of your chosen position. You will use your creativity and communication skills, and have a responsibility you might have been missing at your last company.

Financial Advisor

You can also get trained as a financial advisor, helping people make the most out of their money. Apart from assisting others, you will learn essential money, investment, and budgeting skills that you can implement in your own life. Financial advisors need to constantly update their knowledge and maintain positive relationships with customers to become successful. This rewarding career pays well and is never boring.

Social Worker

In case you have always dreamt about making a positive change in the world and people’s lives, you could become a social worker to assist families in crisis and find the right solution for children and parents that will improve their relationship. You will need a training, but some local authorities cover the cost of your training, if you apply for an apprenticeship.

Estate Agent

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Estate agents are some of the best informed people, and they meet people from all walks of life. You will be able to reflect on different life situations during your work, and get a high level of job satisfaction by connecting buyers and sellers, or tenants and landlords. You need to be good at asking questions, analysing situations, and building long term relationships with your clients.

When you feel like you are in a dead end job and need a new challenge, you need to simply open your eyes to opportunities. There are several career options ahead that will help you improve your life, while allowing you to connect with people.