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Last week I got together with four of my closest photography friends to plan a styled shoot so that we could update our portfolios for 2016. It took a few weeks of organising, we had models to arrange, a make up artist to find… I even bought a wedding dress for the shoot.

After weeks of planning, Stephanie Mabon, Amber O’Brien and my partner in crime Sophie Smith all got together to go up to Irvington, Lancashire on a freezing day to take some great photos.


We started the day at Stephanie’s house, eating croissants and discussing our hopes for the shoot while the make up artist (Dilshad Rajani) made the models, Maria and Nikola look amazing.

Everything had been planned out for the day. Sophie and I had even made the flower crowns for the bridal shots ourselves. Our friend, Lorna, had her mum make the amazing willow crown that Maria is wearing in the shot above.


I’m so pleased with how the photos have turned out and I definitely hope to arrange more shoots. It’s been way too long since I last did something like this and I feel like my skills and portfolio have suffered for it. 2016 is definitely going to be a busy for me both as a designer and a photographer.

You can see the full collection from the shoot HERE