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All around Yorkshire there are good roads and bad roads. Some are very well maintained while others seem to have potholes and broken sections of tarmac every few yards. Of course, this is a pattern that you can find in the rest of the country, too. However, it seems to be a particular problem on the road network in Yorkshire, especially in areas with high and exposed land.

To keep yourself and your family safe when you are on the road, it is important to make sure your car is properly serviced. Driving over bumps and swerving around obstacles can take its toll on your car. Helpfully, you can book car servicing at Ossett Tyre House if you are in the Dewsbury area which will ensure you are prepared for the county’s road network. No matter which local town you belong to – within or outside of Yorkshire, local garages are always a good option for maintaining your vehicle. Dewsbury residents can always take the help of professional tyre dealers – in order to ensure vehicle safety.

Why is servicing so important – especially when you have to drive in local areas like Dewsbury, Ossett or even other parts of Yorkshire?


An important aspect of car servicing is to regulate your suspension system. This is crucial if you live in a city or town with lots of speed bumps. In rural areas, too, your suspension may need adjusting if you drive over cattle grids frequently.


Because the weather can sometimes be harsh in Yorkshire, it is important to ensure your car is fully lubricated. This does not just mean topping up your engine oil. Lubricants may also need to be applied to your axles, clutch and gearbox to keep them in mint condition.


Tyre care is another aspect of car servicing that is essential. Often you can run over broken glass or sharp sticks that are on the road which will deteriorate the rubber on your tyres. If you have to brake hard constantly in heavy traffic, then your tread can also wear down quicker than it should which means your tyres ought to be inspected, too.


Checking all of your lights, including your fog lamp, is another part of a service. Having the circuitry inspected should also mean that your heating system remains in good condition, ideal for cold wintry nights on Yorkshire’s roads. Bear in mind that no one is really safe if there car’s heating system is not fully operational.