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I’m going to try to post a weekly favourites post every week. I think it’s great to look back at what you’ve been grateful for the previous week and share anything funny or interesting with the world.

I’ve been off uni due to a reading week… which basically means we’re supposed to study but I’ve mainly been filling in at work or looking after my poorly daughter. It’s been nice to have some days at home, cuddled up on the sofa watching Disney movies, because I’ve been so run down lately after cramming for weeks with uni work and with Christmas. I’ve been exhausted.

It’s back to normal tomorrow and the new uni semester starts this week so things are expected to get quite busy again.

Here are a few finds from around the internet that I’ve been loving…

The Blogcademy are launching their new online version of their workshops next week. In the meantime, they’ve been sharing some amazing video teasers to keep us going. If you’re into blogging, or want to get into it but don’t know where to start check out their page.


The Blogcademy Headmistresses (L-R) Kat, Shauna and Gala (image via Blogcademy Online)


Another one of my favourite design blogs to follow is JUST Creative which follows the work of designer, Jacob Cass. He’s posted this AMAZING deal on his website where you can buy 21 premium fonts for $29 (A HUGE saving of $922) I got these today and they are brilliant. Plus I’m now using the “Manhattan Darling” font on this very blog. If you’re a font nerd like me you’ll want to snap these up right away!




One of my favourite new websites on the block is Looks Like Film. I started following this site after it was created by users of a VSCO group on Facebook. I’ve been using VSCO Lightroom presets on my work for a while now because I love the vintage, grainy film look they give to photos. Using them has helped me to learn which settings to use on my photos and edit them in a way that reflects me. Looks Like Film is an amazing site showcasing the work of other photographers who shoot in similar ways. It’s a great place to look for inspiration. I can only dream to be as good as some of the photos you’ll see on that site.

Next week, I’m hoping to have more personal photos to share with you as I’ll be back at uni, I have a shoot planned and I’m currently working on updating my website and get things going again with my freelance work.

Have a great week x