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It’s been another busy week here at Casa Berry. I actually haven’t left the house much… it’s been one of those weeks where I’ve been staring at the computer screen getting jobs done and getting through work. I have some big projects on at the moment including the photography festival, a rebrand for a wedding photographer and a new wedding blog.

Brougham-Mockup-1It’s the final week of the summer holidays for Holly and I think she’s looking forward to going back to school We haven’t had the chance to get as much of the fun activities we had planned as we’d have liked to mainly due to me working my butt off for the last few weeks and the weather not being amazing. Still, I think she’s looking forward to seeing her friends again. (Yes, that is bubble wrap on her head)


I’m actually really enjoying being so busy at the moment. It’s great and I really feel like my business is starting to take off. There’s still a long way to go but all the designing, photographing and blogging that I’ve been doing is so much fun. I’m needing LOTS of coffee though. I even resorted to stealing Glyns bucket sized mug.

I was the proud winner of Mermaid Gossips Blog Birthday giveaway last week and I received my prize in the post this week along with a gorgeous mermaid postcard which is totally going in my Kikki-K planner. It’s so pretty. Emily’s blog is awesome. I love it.

While we’re on the subject of Kikki-K can I just mention how much I love their planners… and how happy I am that they now have a UK online store (last time I had to pay nearly £30 in import tax) so now I can order lots of lovely goodies without having to worry about any nasty surprise charges and parcel force holding my beautiful stationary to ransom.!!! I’m totally getting this one for Holly. It’s so cute!

Favourite Web Finds

Celebrities with tattoos and rainbow hair… yes please.

This woman’s reaction to a Tinder Date gone bad is amazing.

I do love a good proposal video, they always have me in tears… this one is fantastic.

Taylor Swift (I love her) and Lisa Kudrow (Love her too… Phoebe!!) sing smelly cat together and it’s priceless

Here’s a first look at the Fassbender in his role in the new Assassins Creed movie due out next year.

25 Things To remember When Times Get Tough – A great post by Marc & Angel to read when you’re down in the dumps

I actually got 100% in this quiz… I guess my eighties rock obsession is finally out of the bag.

Men with man buns at Disneyland… it’s magical!

My nearest and dearest know my pineapple addiction too well… now I need this

Gratitude List

❤︎ chocolate… always the chocolate ❤︎ The Lancashire water problems FINALLY showing signs of returning to normality… I’m so thirsty ❤︎ Chip butties with mayo and pepper ❤︎ Caramel Lattes ❤︎ Paypal ❤︎ My pets… one of my kitties ran away this week. She’s home safe and sound now but it really made me appreciate them more ❤︎ Finding other amazing other blogs and great opportunities ❤︎ Disney Channel ❤︎ Creative Market ❤︎ Design Cuts ❤︎ Lie ins ❤︎ Warm milk with cinnamon ❤︎ Did I mention chocolate? ❤︎ Making connections with people ❤︎ Planning ❤︎ dreaming ❤︎ The FPA Shining Lights programme ❤︎