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‘OMG, I’ve just had the worst day at work. Someone get me a drink!’

It’s a sentence that workers around the world say day after day, with a different accent obviously. And, it’s seen as common logic that working has to be stressful. Come on, people – you’re going to have to work hard to climb the corporate ladder. The one thing I have learned over the years is that stress is terrible. Sure, success is important, but so is happiness and health.

If you would rather have all three, these are the tricks to consider.

Don’t Go

Don’t worry because this isn’t a glassback’s guide on how to skive. Ladies and gentlemen, we now live in a technological age where computers and the internet are taking over businesses. Better still is the fact that employees have access to the software from the comfort of their house. Remote working is something to look into as it lowers pressure and provides a pleasant environment. When there’s no boss to shout and scream, there is bound to be peace. Plus, businesses are beginning to understand the benefits of working from home.

Regress A Level

Humans are taught to reach for the stars. Not a bad idea until you reach the sun and get burned. Often, the job you think you want isn’t the dream you always imagined. Instead, it’s a world of office politics and babysitting that never seems to end. Sure, the money is nice, but that’s about all that it has in the pros column. In this scenario, there is nothing wrong with wanting to drop back a level to a place where you are comfortable. After all, the yearly wage will be strong, you will have a level of responsibility, and you will get to walk away at the end of the day.

Learn To Cope

What’s wrong with you? Are you soft? For too long, people with mental health problems have been ridiculed and made fun of for other people’s enjoyment. Thankfully, the pastime is starting to come to an end and workers are getting extra help. Still, you have to reach out and grab the olive branch with both hands. Sitting back and not doing anything will result in an increase in pressure that could boil over. Successful people understand what their stressors are and how to deal when the warning bells ring. For example, some people go on holiday while others exercise.

Change Careers

Wall Street is notorious for eating employees alive and spitting them out whole. So, it makes sense to avoid this place like the plague. While you are at it, you should probably avoid the financial sector full stop. A logical step is to find a career that is the antithesis of stocks and shares. There is plenty to see on this list, but audiology stands out from the crowd. As a medical professional, you will be qualified, reputable and take home a hefty pay packet. However, working conditions tend to be calm and quiet.

What would you be willing to do to get the best of both worlds?