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A career in the public safety sector is ideal for anybody that wants to spend their days helping others and get paid for it. If you’re bored of doing the same old job and you want to get out of your comfort zone and do something a lot more rewarding, why not consider public safety? There are all sorts of different roles available to you. This is everything you need to know about training for and finding a job in the public safety sector.

Getting Qualified

There are specific qualifications suited to different jobs in the public safety sector but you can also do a general degree that teaches you everything you need to know for most positions in public safety. If you’re considering a career change later in life, going back to college full time is going to put a lot of financial strain on you. It’s far better to do a public safety degree online which you can do in your spare time while you’re still working. That way, you don’t have to borrow money to go to college and take 4 years out before you get back into work again. Once you’ve got that degree, you can start applying for some of these jobs.

Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analysts play a very important role in public safety. These are the people that go over evidence and help the police to track down dangerous criminals before it’s too late and they commit dangerous crimes. There’s a huge amount of satisfaction involved in knowing that you helped to stop crimes that could possibly have taken people’s lives, however, it’s a tough job to handle. The pressure is immense because you’re constantly working against the clock and if you get things wrong, lives could be in danger. You should also know that you aren’t going to be successful every time; if things don’t go to plan, it’s easy to blame yourself and let that guilt build up on you. It’s worth considering whether you can deal with all of that pressure before going into a career as an intelligence analyst.

Probation Officer

When people are released from prison it’s important that we help them to reintegrate into society and set them on a good path so they don’t make the same mistakes again, that’s where probation officers come in. It will be your job to meet regularly with ex prisoners and help them to find work while making sure they aren’t getting involved in criminal activity again. It’s often a far more rewarding side of the justice system to work with because you’re helping people to improve their lives.

Border Officer

It’s important that we know who’s coming in and out of the country, especially when the threat of terrorism is looming over us. That’s why border officers are so vital. Once you’ve got a degree in public safety, you’ll be qualified to be one of those border officers. Your day to day duties include checking people’s paperwork when they come into the country and making sure that nobody is bringing in anything illegal in their luggage. Without border officers, the country would be a far more dangerous place.

These are just some of the many great public safety roles you could work in and all of them offer great job satisfaction.