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I’m a little obsessed with planners and diaries. So as it’s that time of year when all the mid year diaries are in the shops I thought I’d create a little goodie for everyone.

You can check out this mid year dairy printable in my shop and for the first 24 hours it’s at the reduced price of £5. It’ll go up to £7.50 on Friday the 4th September so grab one now. I’ll be adding more designs over the next few days so let me know if you have any ideas that you’d like.

And if you do get one, be sure to share your pictures on instagram with the hashtag #ohsosteffany

The first item to make it’s way into the shop is a printable diary with month to view pages dated from September 2015 to keep you going until August 2016. Plus a week to view section to also keep you going till next August. Everything you need to plan ahead and stay organised.