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As a designer I get asked a lot what font’s I like to use on projects. I must admit, they’re a bit of an obsession of mine. I could spend hours looking for the perfect font and whilst most people like to spend their hard earned cash on clothes and shoes, I’m guilty of buying fonts and vectors for my design work.

I’ve curated a list of my current top ten fonts. I own most of these and have used them quite a lot. One or two I’m just admiring from afar until payday ha ha.


Octavia – AF Studios

This is a beautiful calligraphic font, and the one I currently use on this blog. I love the swashes it’s even on trend and fits well with watercolour textures.



Manhattan Darling – MakeMediaCo

This is such a lovely font. I used to use this on everything until I fancied a change. I still really love it though. Definitely one of m favourite fonts. If you purchase from Creative Market you even get a free bonus set of goodies



Ashley brush Script – Printable Wisdom 

This font was completely handwritten using watercolors and a calligraphy brush. Rough edges and imperfect lines give this brush lettered font a unique and trendy look. Perfect for wedding invitations, adding design accents, and giving your projects a coveted hand-crafted look. I especially love the look of this font with watercolor textures added!


Featherly – Joanne Marie

This is the next font on my shopping list. Isn’t it beautiful? Featherly is a hand drawn, elegant, modern calligraphic font perfect for wedding design projects, invitations, greeting cards, signatures, watermarks, logos, handwriting and more.


Macarons – Latinotype

Macarons is a display type based on the classic Garamond typeface. It has a fresh and spontaneous looking typeface that has been designed by Coto Mendoza, who also has developed a hand-made product line (Ride my Bike, Ride my Bike Serif, Four Seasons, D.I.Y. Time, Dans le Cuisine and In a Jar). This font is not constructed out of modules: each character is drawn by hand.
The Macarons font family consists of a monoline version, regular and bold weights, and a set of gestural catchwords, which reflects the use of the ruling pen as a freestyle tool. Ornaments and dingbats are also included.

I love this font. As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of hand written typefaces and have used this in a few personal projects. Even better is that it’s Currently 50% off


Amelia Script – Maroon Baboon

This font is so pretty. I love how feminine and delicate it is, and there is even 50% off


Hyperion Typeface – Tugcu Design Co.

Hyperion is a flexible futuristic typeface for all your sci-fi needs and comes in three weights.


Boho – Latinotype

Another one from the chaps at Latinotype. I currently use this one quite a lot on Northern Star Design Co. website. I love how whimsical and doodly it is. “Boho is inspired by a bohemian girl who is a free soul and creative spirit. She is a city girl, but she loves spending a lot of time outdoors and being close to nature. She loves art and going to the antiques and organic food markets. She is a wild and free spirit who knows no bounds. Boho is Coto Mendoza’s first Script font family, which is based on gestual calligraphy with Cola pen. A first exposure to gestual strokes applied to font design can be seen in her previous work, Macarons. Boho consists of 4 subfamilies: Script, Line, Sans and Serif. Each subfamily comes in 4 weights: Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic. Script and Line versions include a teardrop terminal variant. Dingbats and ornaments are also included. Boho. Love and creative spirit!” Perfect! And even more perfect at 82% off


Malarkey – Angie Makes

Meet Malarkey, a hand painted font with bounce and quirk. Malarkey was inspired by hand brushed, modern calligraphy and features messy, organic letter forms. Swash lovers, eat your heart out. Long, looped, swirl, and short swash fonts are included to give your projects a convincing, hand brushed calligraphy look.


Aura Blue – My Candy Themes

Aura Blue is a beautiful font from My candy themes. I love the style of this and think that it would look great on anything from invitations to blog headers.

This list is subject to change because gorgeous new fonts are coming out all the time. Be sure to sign up to Creative Market because occaisionally, they do release their premium content for free for a limited time so it’s definitely worth checking every so often. I’m addicted.