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Taking a role overseas used to be one of those pipedreams that people had, yet something exclusively reserved for employees that had landed a job within a global corporation (which isn’t for everyone, especially us creatives). These days, however, working abroad is totally possible, which means no more doing so vicariously through your friends Instagram feeds.

That said, working abroad isn’t as simple as hopping on a plane, sticking your thumb out when you land and get swooped up by the employer of your dreams. Nope. Sorry. That is why we have pulled together a few tips and tricks to help you better prepare for working abroad, no matter where you head or what you end up doing.

Language Is Important

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding language is which language you need to learn. People think that because you are moving to Hong Kong you need to learn Mandarin, or because you fancy a year in Turkey then you need to start picking up Turkish. But while this is true to some extent, strengthening your English speaking skills is going to be crucial, which you can do through this Effortless English blog. You are not going to pick up a local language quick enough to make it count. That is the bad news. The good news is, most people speak English, which is why you need to make sure yours is up to scratch.

Cover Yourself In Insurance

When living-slash-working in a foreign country, one of the most amazing things is being surprised at every turn. However, there is one surprise that you may not like and that is the extraordinarily high medical bills that some countries come with. Whether it is the flu you catch, or food poisoning you get, or just an injury, you will want to be covered by insurance. Being away from the healthcare you know and the family you love will be bad enough without getting slapped with a mega-bill.

Prep The Paperwork Right Now

Before you leave to enjoy a life of making money abroad, make sure you don’t shoot yourself in the foot by forgetting the importance of having certain paperwork, even if they are just copies or digital versions. We’re talking degree certificates, employer references, an up to date resume, visas, bank statements and anything else you can think of. Trust us, trying to pull these pieces of paperwork together after you’ve landed in Pretoria is not going to be fun or easy, so make sure you do this sooner rather than later.

Network Before You Leave

You’re going to find your giant leap into the unknown rather unnerving once you have landed. You may even begin to question why you did it as you walk around aimlessly, not having anyone to call or hang out with. That is why we recommend you go there having met a few people online, or through friends of friends; people that can make this whole move more exciting and less alien. If you are moving with a company, then start networking through places like LinkedIn and whatnot. If, however, you’re just going on a hope and prayer, then get on Meet Up and connect with people that share your interests.