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One of the biggest boons, or downfalls, depending on your personality, for creative people, is that the job market can be somewhat flexible. This can suit some people very well, as its allow them to the room they need to breathe, grow and be inspired. For others usually those with a lot of outstanding bills, the flexible life can be a bit of a nightmare! Just ask any artist who has tried to get a mortgage! But there are some flexible roles out there that are definitely worth considering as they can offer a more stable salary option. Read on to find out more.


So freelancing can be pretty flexible, especially in graphic design. You may have no work for a while, and then find yourself up till all hours of the morning completing a rush job that a client has to have right away! But there are advantages.

Firstly once you are established, you can decide which projects to take on. Secondly, you can earn more money as a freelancer per hour. But remember, as this is not a salary you will need to factor in any holiday pay, sickness and down time in the figures that you quote.

When working as a freelancer, it is also a great idea to funnel your talents into their field that suits you best. Writers, graphic designers, and coders all have a thriving freelance markets. As do photographers and videographers.

It is also useful to find your niche, in your field. For example, within their field of graphic design, many people specialize in certain areas like business cards or infographics. This means you are going to be competing against a smaller field for jobs. You also have a chance of building up a positive reputation a lot easier in a field that isn’t too wide.


The next flexible role for creatives to consider is teaching. Teaching is a creative role in itself. As you have to come up with some pretty original ways of doing things to make the learning relevant to your students and keep their interest.

It could be that you would enjoy teaching adults. Or you may prefer to work in a school setting and teach children instead. It is certainly true that our school seem to need as many creatives in the halls as possible at them moment.

Or if you don’t fancy all that marking and you are looking for something with a little more flexibility then why not have a go at supply teaching. By registering with agencies like Simply Education, you can choose the number of days you work and week. The wage is excellent, and you get to avoid a lot of the problematic areas such as planning, and marking that regular teacher have to put up with.

Self Employed Creator

Lastly, of course, you could have good at being an either a full-time, or part-time creator in your field. That means creating a producing that people buy from you, direct.

The internet has, of course, change the way that we do this now. Instead of musicians having to be taken on by record companies, or artist having to go to galleries, there are plenty of online sites. You can use these to sell your creative products to the consumer for a small percentage fee, enabling you to reach a much larger audience.