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Last Thursday, my daughter, Holly and I were very kindly invited to attend an event at the Great John Street Hotel in Manchester for the Save Our Sausage campaign with celebrity chef Paul Rankin.

With Holly being such a fussy eater and sausages being one of the only things she enjoys we jumped at the the chance… not to mention the opportunity to meet one of my favourite celebrity chefs Paul Rankin (you may have seen him on Ready, Steady, Cook)

The purpose of the event was to to promote his new line of sausages and show how important it is for families to sit together for a meal each day. With more and more families being busy with work and school, plus distractions from technology, families are spending less and less quality time together. So, what better way to get together than over a traditional, home cooked meal of one of the nations favourites, good ol’ bangers and mash.

Holly and I arrived at the hotel not really knowing what to expect. We were greeted by a friendly woman with a clip board who ushered us to the bar area for canapés and drinks. While we waited for everyone to arrive we were treated to sausage rolls, nibbles and drinks.


After I’d pigged out on sausage rolls and rosé wine we were all taken to the dining room which was so pretty. There were gold candelabras on the tables and goodie bags on the chairs. When we were all settled, Paul Rankin entered the room and gave a speech about what the evening was about and a cooking demonstration with his trusty assistant “Sean O’Sausagey” (The kids loved him)


We were served sausages and mash with onion gravy which was so delicious. Holly even cleaned her plate so it must have been good. After the food Paul and Sean came round to talk to everyone and sign our chefs hats. The children had been given fabric pens to decorate theirs and Holly had drawn her name on hers.




Holly and I had a great time, it was amazing to meet Paul Rankin, who is such a lovely person. We were made up with our goodie bags. The PR girls were so friendly and helpful too. Thanks to Fionnouala for taking our awesome picture, thanks to Jago Communications for organising such a great event and thanks to Tots100 for the invite.

Paul Rankin’s new range of sausages are available in selected Asda stores and they’re so delicious.