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Do you hate your job? Like, really hate it? Lots of people say that they hate their job but the reality is that they’re simply bored, frustrated, under stimulated or underappreciated. They may not leap out of bed and skip to work every day, but they don’t endure the torture that you bear on a daily basis. They don’t know the sheer crushing sense of defeat that you face every day when you wake up and consider the prospect of spending yet another day in that place. You’ve tried to be positive, you’ve tried to find the good in what you do. But the fact remains that you’re in the wrong place. You can’t go on like this with your mental health intact… But only you can dig yourself out of this rut.

Get to the root of the problem

As tempting as it is to hand in your notice at the end of every day, you owe it to yourself and your employer to make one last effort to salvage your relationship with your job. Get to the root of the problem. What is it that makes you hate your job? Is there anything your manager, your colleagues or you can do to change that? If so, talk to them. It’s in their best interest to do what they can to keep your skills and talent under their roof so they may be amenable to helping to work through this with you. If not, it’s time to take your talents elsewhere.

Never give up, even in the face of rejection

It can be extremely dispiriting when applying for new jobs yet either come home to rejection letters or find your endless job applications ignored by employers. Rejection of any kind can be an extremely upsetting experience that causes a range of ugly emotions to bubble to the surface.

Remind yourself that we’re in the midst of an extremely competitive job market and just because you aren’t hearing back from prospective employers doesn’t mean that you’re not a desirable candidate. Keep on applying for jobs and eventually, the opportunity will come along. And if it doesn’t… You’ll just have to create your own opportunities.

Try temping

If you can’t hack your job any longer, a temporary work agency like DSC can help you to unlock the next stage in your career. Wherever your skills lie, you will have opportunities to ply them to a range of industries and workplaces. Treat every temporary placement as if its a job interview. Make yourself indispensable and learn what you can about as much of the trade as you can. At best you might be offered a full time job. At worst you’re gaining new skills and contacts that can only help you in your career journey.

Side hustle

Of course, your working hours aren’t the only time you have to turn your career prospects around. Many frustrated employees make extra money while building their skills and creating new opportunities for themselves with a side hustle. If you can find a way to make money doing something you love in your free time, it can make even the most tedious of jobs palatable. You may even develop your hustle enough to make it into a full time business!  

Do you hate your job? Have you ever worked a job you hated but turned your fortunes around? Please feel free to sound off below…