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At least nearly all of you can admit that you’re bored of your job. Once you’ve been doing the same thing for years and years it just becomes so mundane. Sometimes you’re only in the job for the people that work there, but even then that can become a bit of a nightmare. So why waste another year in a job you’re just not happy in? You shouldn’t. There’s just so much more out there for you if you get looking. It could completely transform your life and the way you view working again. Suddenly getting up for work won’t mean dragging yourself out of bed. So here’s some great career idea for you to try.


Financing is either going to appeal to you, or it isn’t. But it is so much more than just working with numbers, it is helping people to get to a more stable point in their life. It actually is pretty rewarding, and it is definitely well paid which is always a bonus. To get into finances, you do need some form of qualification, usually at college level. You’ll also need an excellent level of maths skills if you want to be employed somewhere good. But it isn’t just a bank you could work for, there’s plenty of other areas you could go into, such as working on debt relief programs, working in major companies managing their finances, or working as a freelancer going around different people who need your help. The great thing about this job is it is rewarding, and you’re going to meet people from all walks of life that need your help.

Life Coaching

This is mentally challenging in a different way. You might be reading this and thinking, ‘I haven’t even got my own life together’. But you know how easy it is to give out advice rather than taking it, and life coaching is perfect for this. Some people are going to be going through some really tough times, and sometimes just need someone to talk to about their issues. This is where you’ll be able to guide them through life to make sure they’re on the right path. It could be work issues, relationship issues, or just generally needing to be pointed in the right direction with life. Like financing, this role is well paid and you can go freelancing with it and set up your own life coaching center. This is opening you up to even more money.


This won’t appeal to everyone, but teaching is definitely the most rewarding career path out of the three. Children and adults are all out there seeking the education they so desperately need to carry on in life, having the pleasure of giving that to them is going to be so rewarding. Plus, you can teach the subjects you’re actually interested in, which makes it ten times easier to come into the role. The pay isn’t as good as the two above, but there is plenty of room for progression.