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Creativity is actually quite rare. We like to think that all of us have some creativity in us but is what your project really a reflection of your own ideas? Living in a world where so much has been tried and tested, you should assume that not everything you create is of your own mind. That’s why a graphic design business is so alluring to artists and specialists in the field because your job is to truly be unique every single day. That may sound like a chore to some and to others an impossible dream. For those who cannot stop creating, looking at the world upside down and putting their own twist on things that exist already, it’s the only business that makes sense. If this sounds like you, you have at least thought about opening your own business. Why work for somebody else when we live in an age where small business is more important than ever and easier to set up than ever also. But before you mark out a day in your calendar when you’re finally going to sit down and write out a business plan, consider the pitfalls of becoming generic.

Image by Conny

Be bold in your behavior

Have you ever read the description of a job advertisement and before you get to the end of the page you feel as if your soul is being sucked into the screen? The language is so corporate and lacks any amount of the human touch in it. It’s almost as if they don’t care about what type of person they employ, as long as they tick all the boxes. So if you’re going to set up your own business, act and speak like you’re unique. In other words be yourself and don’t try to put on a facade so you ‘fit in’ with the rest of the industry. Be bold in your behavior and allow the industry and business to become a part of your personality. It isn’t just a nine to five that you’re heading into, you do it because you love it!

Checks and balances

It should be your worst nightmare ever to be compared to another company. The best franchise always stands on their own two feet with some similarities being made but never a true comparison holding water. This is because they have their own place in the global supply chain. They’re a unique entity so rather than following trends; they make them. Their achievements first occur in the boardroom, then drift onto the factory floors where they make constant checks and balances about their products. You learn more about these principals via a supply chain management online programs. Quality management is not something that can just be picked up easily. Making sure that through each stage of creation and finalization, your graphics are 100% authentic will give you the ability to puff out your chest and declare yourself complete unique. Customers will flock to a business that can actually prove this through their work.

In business not repeating yourself is a daily struggle. It’s hard because so many clients want the same thing. But it’s your responsibility to force your talent to adapt and track how a product is panning out through the supply chain.