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Every Friday I’m going to be posting a round up of the previous week. I think it’s a great way to share my favourite things, what I’m grateful for and interesting content that I’ve come across. This week, however, has been pretty uneventful. We all have them. I’ve mainly been busy working on projects, editing photos, tweaking this blog and having Harry Potter marathons with my daughter. I’ve also been trying to teach myself how to make wordpress themes that I can hopefully put in my shop that I plan to open soon. In it will have printables for planning and organising, wordpress themes and graphics. Watch this space. I was editing photos from recent Christening with what probably is the cutest and most laid back baby I have ever seen, plus working on some branding ideas for Photographer Caroline from Lily & Bluebelle. Her work is amazing, go check her out.

My Week in Instagram pictures


It’s been a really quiet week on social media for me. I must make a point to post more often next week. Holly is on her summer holidays so she’s been making the most of the chance to recharge her batteries ready for the new term in a few weeks. My cat, Poppy has been her usual cute self by creeping onto my lap whilst I’m working, shouting at me and tapping my nose when I don’t pay her attention. Plus, I’ve been meeting up with my good friend, business partner and future bridesmaid, Sophie from Sincerely, Sophie quite a lot recently and giving her some tips on how to make her blog awesome. Although I do feel that my young grasshopper is becoming quite the professional blogger. I do enjoy our lunch dates and business meetings over curry though.

Favourite Web Finds

This great post from Elle Luna The Crossroads of Should and Must

So funny! Game of Thrones moments improved by Monty Python quotes

I’ve followed Emily from Mermaid Gossip for a while now. She’s easily becoming one of my favourite bloggers. I was thrilled this week to find out that I’d won her blog birthday giveaway of a £25 h&m voucher. That made my week. Here is an awesome post on Periscope for beginners. I signed up recently and while I haven’t had the guts to post anything of my own just yet I’m loving watching everyone else.

I love Regina from ByRegina I’m not sharing a specific post of hers, I’m share the whole thing because her content is so freakin’ good! This woman knows her stuff and I’m learning a ton from her about running an online business. Plus, she’s so nice. Another one of my current blog crushes.

Anna’s post about Magical Ways to Manifest Money for your Dream Business is pure gold.

This great photography assignment from Digital photography School

A great reminder from Shauna at Nubby Twiglet to keep things simple. I love her!

Susannah Conway’s blog has had a makeover and it’s absolutely STUNNING!!!


Amazing Blogging opportunities ❤︎ great friends, I’m feeling the love right now ❤︎ Pyjama days with my princess ❤︎ Harry Potter ❤︎ Chocolate digestives ❤︎ walks with my pooch ❤︎ picnics in the park ❤︎ instax photos ❤︎ having lots of other photographer/designer/blogging pals I can share ideas with ❤︎ all night movie marathons ❤︎ Yankee Candles ❤︎ comfy pyjamas ❤︎ knowing that Autumn is just around the corner ❤︎ winning stuff ❤︎ lazy weekends recharging my batteries ❤︎ making plans for the future ❤︎ Windows 10 updates ❤︎ finding money you forgot you had ❤︎ Mystic Medusa ❤︎ Playing with my Tarot cards. ❤︎