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New Year’s Resolutions come and go but rarely do we make steps so significant that they really make a big impact in our lives. That’s why taking baby steps towards real change, though slower tend to have more staying power and help us achieve our life goals one step at a time.

We take a look at five small steps you can take towards achieving the objectives you want to see completed over the next 12 months:

1. Be realistic

Brainstorm all the amazing things you’d like to see, do and achieve over the forthcoming year. Don’t be afraid to dream big and be honest with yourself at what motivates and drives you.

Now take a second look at this list and pick out three that, while really excite you, are also goals you can practically reach. That might be quitting your job and setting up an online business or putting yourself out there on dating websites. Anything that it’s in your power to achieve can go down.

Next think about a timeframe. It’s rather practical and possibly a little dull but unless you can achieve these changes today, figure out when and how they are going to happen and stick to those dates.

2. Call in some help

You don’t need to make this a solo effort. Having friends and family around you to help is what gives life its texture. We all love feeling useful so ask a good friend to help you be accountable to your goals and to check in on you from time to time to see how you’re progressing.

Head online to see if your favourite lifestyle bloggers have any top tips and even consider employing some technology such as the Taskheat app to keep you on track.

3. Do the easiest thing first

Want to create a dating profile? Get it done. It’s a task that won’t take long but sees quick results and leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment.

These easy wins are often the motivation we all need to get us on a roll and ready for the next task at hand.

You could even give yourself a small reward for taking that first brave step, why not?

4. Accept failure

It happens and it can be hard. But there’s only one way to deal with failure and that’s to try again. It can he hard to get back out there but once you do, you’ll know why it’s so important. If you didn’t land that dream job even after a great interview, find out why. Harness the information and advice given to you and do it all over again.

5. Exercise

It might be that exercise is on your list already but even it’s not, use exercise as a way to stimulate body and mind towards achieving your goals. Whether your use visualization techniques during a Yoga practice or come up with a genius strategy on the treadmill, exercise can be an effective stimulus.

Get out there, take the wins and celebrate your new life.